Intensive rituals for perfect skin

Rituales intensivos para una piel perfecta
For lovers of light textures, easily absorbed and high concentrations of active ingredients, you are going to fall in love with boosters as soon as you try them.
We all look for an improvement in our skin, and if it is possible for it to be visible quickly, all the better.

Boosters have become those products that once they reach your dresser, they don't leave, they become essential in our daily rituals.
Intensive ten-day cures, where you can obtain a master formula in the form of a cocktail in small vials, enhancing your daily treatment.

Maystar's boosters, Starboost, offer you intensive treatments of cumulative active ingredients in those 10 days, improving the skin and at the same time giving you juiciness and an immediate flash effect.

What do each of the Maystar starboost offer us?

Each of the formulations is indicated to alleviate the different needs of the skin.
What is your essential? Next, we explain the benefits of each one of them, so that you know them and know which one is ideal for your skin.

Starbio is a concentrated cocktail of active ingredients, where the protagonists are probiotics, which will help us balance the microbiota of the most sensitive skin or those with different bacterial proliferation problems, increasing the skin's defense capacity.

In Starlift we will find different active ingredients, including the well-known Chondrus Crispus algae, which will provide firmness and support to skin that is sagging and sagging.

If your skin has spots and is not uniform, your ideal booster will be Starlight, thanks to the different AHA's and kojic acid, you will find a solution to unify and reduce the pigmentation present on your skin.

To increase the water level and prevent transepidermal water loss, Starwater will be your ally to enhance your daily treatments.

If you want to prevent cellular oxidation, neutralizing free radicals and providing luminosity and juiciness to your skin, you will go hand in hand with Starvital, a cocktail of vitamins A, C and hyaluronic acid whose results will not cease to surprise you.

How to apply them to get the most benefit?

Ideally, after daily cleaning, use half of the ampoule with ascending movements and once absorbed, apply your usual treatment, serum, cream...

Close the vial with the specific stopper that we provide in the box and carry out the same maneuver at night.

It is important that the ritual is done for ten consecutive days, in order to achieve the specific cure and see more lasting results.

A trend with quick results that has more and more regulars, do you join them?

Angela Tejedera