Why you must keep cosmetics in the fridge

Por qué debes guardar los cosméticos en la nevera

With the arrival of heat some cosmetic products can be degraded and their properties can be lost. Professionals recommend conserving products in a fresh and dry place, protected from light. But most people keep them in the bathroom, a very humid area that in summer can alter the composition of cosmetics and, as a consequence, forces to throw the product before it is emptied.

Benefits of keeping cosmetics in the fridge

A solution that can be adopted in summer is to save the products that are most used in the fridge. In this way, they not only remain fresh, but when they apply its effect is enhanced.

Woman - Cosmetics in Nevera

Eye contours, masks and moisturizing creams are the three products that should be maintained in a dry and fresh place, although it is true that you can also save tonic, paint and makeup bases.

A benefit that is obtained from saving the products in the fridge is the Flash effect that is achieved when the cosmetic is applied. For example, if you have the eye contour in the fridge and in the morning we get up with dark circles or swollen eyes, the cold will help us visibly reduce the swelling.

Thanks to this simple trick of the fridge, the useful life of cosmetics can be lengthened a little more and its benefits can be maximized. Of course, if the product has a different color or texture than when it was opened for the first time, you have to throw it away, since its components may be expired.

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