Marta Hazas never forgets her sunscreen

Marta Hazas no olvida nunca su protector solar
Marta Hazas is one of the girls in fashion. Her role as Clara in the series Velvet has made her an attraction at any party or presentation. In addition, she recently got married. Marta has fair skin, something common in our society. And to take care of it, it is clear to her that it is essential to use sunscreensunscreen, in her case 50, and moisturizing cream. You already know that whatever the time of the year, it is always necessary to protect your skin from the sun's rays. For this, it is indicated to use creams with photoprotection in spring, summer, autumn and winter. At Maystar Cosmética we are well aware of this need and we have some products that fulfill this function. The actress also knows that make-up removal every night helps to keep her skin clean and healthy. Her profession requires her to wear makeup every day she works, so when she doesn't have to get in front of the cameras she prefers a little mascara and lip enhancement. Marta Hazas loves the massagesso she doesn't think twice if she can find time to go to a spa. She admits that now she doesn't have much time for sports but when she can she trains with her personal trainer Juanjo Rodriguez and does pilates. The best advice she has been given? To be at ease with herself and sleep. If there is something that can not miss in her bag is the contact lens liquid, and she is clear that she would not go under the knife for any cosmetic touch-up. "I'm very fearful," she says.