Gold-flecked face oil: The technique you can't live without

Gold-flecked face oil: La técnica sin la que no podrás vivir
What would we be without the tips that beauty gurus share daily on their social networks? Some tips are really incredible and, perhaps, you have overlooked them BUT we have tried it! Today we are going to recommend you a whisking (mixture of cosmetic products) of pure argan oil and make-up base.

What is Gold-flecked face oil?

It is a trick that will give you a 100% professional, even and luminous finish. It is called gold-flecked face oil and consists of applying the foundation with a sponge soaked with a couple of drops of oil. This technique that is sweeping among beautyvictims proposes to dispense with facial creams before applying makeup.

How does it work?

1. Apply foundation to the face at different points: nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. 2. Before blending, apply a few drops of oil on the makeup sponge. 3. Diffuse the makeup with small touches and you will be surprised how it blends into the skin. This technique is recommended for any type of skin, depending on how dry or oily it is, you will apply more or less drops on the makeup sponge. As a general rule, two or three drops are usually enough. Then blend your make-up with small touches. You will notice the radiance instantly and the argan oil will not leave a greasy feeling on your skin at all. You will become addicted if you try it, we assure you! It is very important that you choose a pure oil of excellent quality.the result of the finish of your makeup will depend on it. Do you dare to try this whisking technique?