The intimacy of the client in the beauty hall

La intimidad del cliente en el salón de belleza
A beauty salon It is a business that requires an excellent service of Customer Support. We must ensure the highest quality in the treatment to remember nustros protocols and perceive them with the highest quality to ensure and loyalty. The service in a beauty salon must be as excellent as possible, we must not settle for a notable. Always think how you would want to treat you when you go to a room. Study your space very well because the atmosphere that your client perceives will be responsible for your well -being. A Cozy space, with a adequate lighting and one Comfortable stretcher They are the basic premises that your business must have. Beauty Hall treatments The immediate consequence of a beautiful and cozy beauty salon is that you ensure that your client will feel good and will want to come back. In the same way you ensure that your client Recommend Your center to other people. Your attitude must be parallel to the image that your living room transmits. We know perfectly the loyalty of the majority of women towards their aestheticist or stylist, it is difficult for once conquered to change their living room. Take care of your image, your hair, your hands, your uniform ... you are selling beauty, so you must reflect an impolute image but without stridency. A beauty salon You must transmit a clean, minimalist and luminous image, three premises that you can apply to your image. Try not to abuse makeup but yes show careful skin, collect your hair and if you don't use gloves, don't enamel your nails with strong tones. Establish a loyal client base ensures fixed income that will make your room prosper. In Starpil We have experience in training and intimacy and customer treatment are fundamental premises to ensure the quality of a beauty center.

Our cabin recommendations:

To get our clients to immerse themselves in a feeling of well -being and relaxation we must set the cabin with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The space must be illuminated softly With candles and indirect light that produces a relaxing effect, focusing the light during treatment on the area to be treated. A Soft music, candles and slightly scented cabin They will help us create an atmosphere of relaxation.
We will explain to the client how and where he can leave her personal clothes and belongings, leaving her for a few minutes to prepare. We will accommodate the client on the stretcher covering it With a towel not to invade your intimacy. To favor your relaxation, the most appropriate is to talk with the client before treatment (explaining what steps we are going to perform in each case) and at the end. During the same we must perform specific questions to verify that he is comfortable and to know his sensations about the applied products and maneuvers carried out. It is important to apply each product depending on the needs of the client's skin, adapting them according to the previous diagnosis.
Relaxation phase
Once the client has been accommodated on the stretcher, we will bring our hands impregnated with a few drops to his face essential oil to favor relaxation through aromatherapy.
We start the hair removal treatment by informing you, at all times, the wax we are using and worrying about the discomforts you can feel. We will shave in parts, always covering those that we are not shaving with a towel. At no time should the client feel naked.
We will apply the Postdepilatory cosmetics Suitable for each client, with a soft massage that makes him feel good. Here you can deepen the importance of depilatory cosmetics. Do you apply some of these tips in your living room? Tell us your experience in the comments.