The importance of drinking water 2 liters of water daily

La importancia de beber agua 2 litros de agua diarios
The importance of drinking 2 liters of water is more than demonstrated. We are made of water, and although that we know, it costs us to meet the 8 daily glasses. If you love yourself, take care of yourself. Because you will see how your skin shines, how your hair looks, how your cellulite improves, your circulation and also improves digestion, the functions of all body organs and you will also be clearer.
We leave you the 5 tricks Maystar Vital Beauty to make it very easy:
Take a glass that you like a lot. You can buy you one and write your favorite phrase: I love myself, I take care of myself. Drink one nothing else to get up so that your digestion begins to work and feel like your cells applaud. At 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22. Every two hours is perfect, but try not to drink later than 22h so as not to go to sleep swollen. Do not drink in meals. He adds slices of lemon, cucumber, strawberries, celery or leaves of mint or María Luisa to make it more appetizing and depurative. With ice in summer it is a refreshing option. In natural winter or with infusions but no sugar, no honey, or sweeteners. Water is water