La celulitis
Cellulite is installed or not. Remember that there is a strong hormonal factor involved and it does not matter if you are full or thin. But no doubt, it does much more if you give permission. We hate her, but we must begin to accept that she is part of female physiognomy. We can improve it, attenuate, disguise it or make it more aesthetic integrating our Vital Beauty secrets: • Do not abuse shoes with high heels. • Avoid using very tight clothing. • Drink two liters of water daily. • Help with specific cosmetics. First he gently passes a crying glove in the area that worries you once a day and applies our Essential Body Reducing Anti-Celebrity Cream. The ideal would be twice a day in the affected area with energetic, circular and ascending massages, you can do it with your knuckles to deepen the action. • Non-stress, because it generates hormonal changes and the distribution of fat can be altered and modified. • Walk for half an hour, rise or low stairs, go or mount by bicycle. Exercise should never be missing. • Diet for cellulite is about following a balanced feeding. The objective is to be transformed into a lifestyle and not a restrictive diet. Enjoy the change and remember that your body is a temple that you should take care of. • At least before summer and before Christmas, go to your center to make a set-up.