Interview with Naroa Viles, winner of the III STARPIL National Hair Removal Contest

Entrevista a Naroa Viles, ganadora del III Concurso Nacional de Depilación STARPIL

What do you think about the initiative of organizing a National Hair Removal Contest?

I think it's a great initiative to value beauticians, since we are working all day doing the same thing and it's a reward for us, to grow as professionals.

Why did you sign up?

Because I love to participate in this kind of contest, and for the prize "of course".

How did you see the participants this year?

There were colleagues of all levels, and with very varied techniques in the way of positioning the client and when pulling the wax.

And the finalists?

With a very good level, and a lot of experience.

Why do you think the jury chose you as the best waxer?

I think it was because of my way of pulling the skin, heating the strip, and hygiene at work.

How would you rate your participation in the contest?

For me it has been very rewarding, to be chosen first among a lot of colleagues is a great gratification.

Would you encourage other colleagues to participate?

I would totally encourage them, in fact I have already done so.

Tell us how you prepare clients for waxing.

We always accommodate them and put a towel so they don't get cold and don't feel uncomfortable, we apply a pre-waxing cream with a good massage. And we start waxing. At the end we do a massage to moisturize the skin.

What area do you think is more complicated to depilate?

The area of the arms and fingers.

What differences are there between boys and girls when it comes to waxing?

Girls come with short hair, because they don't let it grow long enough between waxing and waxing. Men come when there is real hair ;)

Why do you prefer waxing?

Because it removes the hair from the root and because I love working with it.

Do you work with Starpil in your center?

Yes, I do.

What is your favorite Starpil brand product?

The Gold warm wax cartridges and the Starsoft hot wax.

How do you promote the different treatments you have in the Starpil range?

According to the type and alterations of the skin.

What other services do you offer in your center?

We work both decorative aesthetics and integral aesthetics: electric hair removal, photoepilation, hands and feet, facial and body treatments, massages, eyelash lifting, make-up...

Do you think laser hair removal has affected traditional waxing?

You notice a lot fewer people who are waxing, because they have switched to laser. But the people who are faithful to waxing won't change it for anything.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

I would like to encourage all my colleagues to participate in this type of contest, because we learn by seeing how other colleagues work, and that's beautiful.
I would like to thank the organization for how well you have treated us all, and how well you have informed us at all times of schedules, dates, location of the contest. Also thank you for teaching the finalists how the wax is made, and also thank you for making us grow as professionals.