How to eliminate Blackheads

Cómo eliminar los Puntos Negros
Blackheads, scientifically called comedones, are lesions that are usually very unsightly. They appear mainly in adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Why do blackheads form?

Blackheads It is an obstruction of the pilosebaceous channel where the sebaceous gland pours its excretion and due to a process of abnormal keratinization, this channel is obstructed forming the comedo or blackhead, which can be closed, like a small micro cyst (whitish color) or an open comedo, which is the one we see in dark color and due to the presence of melanin in the upper part of the lesion. The micro cyst is the fundamental and primary lesion of the polymorphous juvenile acne, This means that from the micro cyst or closed comedo the rest of acne lesions appear, compromising more the skin of the affected person and may evolve to higher stages.

How to treat them?

The best way to treat them is with a good skin hygiene y peelswhether cosmetic or medical. If you have blackheads or comedones, it is certain that your skin is oilythat is to say, there is an excess of sebaceous excretion. Therefore, a good daily hygiene is essential, remove makeup with a light emulsion, and then you can consider the use of a soapy gel such as the Oil Balance Care Cleansing Gelwhich leaves your skin clean and free of impurities without making it greasy. As for the recommended exfoliations, we refer to the use of two or three times a week of a scrub, a mechanical exfoliator that acts by emolliencing and helping to improve the appearance of your blackheads. We do not recommend it every day because it could irritate your skin. It is also very important that your moisturizing creams do not contain oils of mineral origin and oils in general.These are very occlusive and are not recommended if you are prone to blackheads, as they could worsen the tendency. But above all, make sure your moisturizers are free of mineral oils.. :arrow: 5 habits to avoid clogging your pores anymore A very important tip we can give you is never touch the pimplesThey are still non-inflammatory lesions and if they are squeezed they become inflammatory and worsen. This means that redness, pus, pain and finally atrophic scarring, very unaesthetic, may appear, almost impossible to remove. So, take care of your skin, but never touch your blackheads!

Medical treatments?

Yes, it is a good option to consult a dermatologist or cosmetic doctor if you consider that your problem is more serious, they have faster and more effective treatments.

What is the best mask for blackheads?

The following are very effective clay masks are very effectiveThey are prepared in two phases, one in powder and the other in liquid. The phases are mixed until a creamy texture is obtained, they are applied on the skin and after a while they dry as if they were plaster, but don't worry, they are easily removed. They usually contain kaolin or bentonite, which gives them this plaster-like appearance. In this type of mask, the removal technique is by sweeping and this is where the cleansing effect lies, by the dragging that is why they are highly recommended for blackheads, you will see that immediately your skin looks much cleaner. We also recommend masks with active ingredients that exfoliate in a chemically and not mechanical. :arrow: Facial mask, when and how to use it? For example, those containing azelaic acid, glycolic acidbenzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid, one of the oldest and best-known against the acne.

Other causes of blackheads

There are other types of factors that trigger the appearance of comedones or blackheads.
  • Cosmetic acne: Is specifically due to the use of occlusive cosmetics.
  • Mechanical acne or athlete's acne.caused by sweating, friction over a long period of time with backpacks, bags, hats, tight underwear, causing a blockage of the pilosebaceous follicle.
  • Long sun exposure: is often observed in older people. Comedones are seen in areas with many wrinkles, where there is sun damage.
You know, if you have blackheads, you can fight them. by cleaning, exfoliating y caring your skin.