Interview with Naroa Viles, 2nd finalist of the 1st Starpil National Hair Removal Contest

Entrevista a Naroa Viles, 2ªfinalista del I Concurso Nacional de Depilación Starpil
"The buttocks are the most complicated area to depilate". The San Sebastian-born Naroa Viles, 2nd finalist of the 1st Starpil National Hair Removal Contest, talks to us about her time in the contest and her work as a beautician.

What did you think of the contest organized by Starpil? Why did you sign up?

I thought it was a great idea to value this profession and to make myself known outside my daily work. Don't they do pintxo contests? Well, it was time for a hair removal contest!

How did you see the finalists?

It was great to see different techniques and different ways of working. Some things I share and others I would never do, but you learn from everything.

Why do you think the jury chose Noelia as the best waxer?

It's something I can't evaluate because the two times we competed we did it at the same time, so neither in Madrid nor in Tarragona I had the opportunity to see her. However, I am sure she did an exceptional job.

Would you encourage other colleagues to participate?

Yes, I believed in my possibilities and I was confident of going far in the contest, maybe not as far as the second one, but you always demand so much of yourself that you are not aware of the quality you may have. Thanks to this contest I know that this is the line I must follow and with more enthusiasm, if possible.

Tell us how you prepare clients for waxing. The habits you follow and why.

First, and very important, hygiene and cleanliness of the center are vital. Then I prepare the table and put a towel at the disposal of my clients to cover their intimate areas. I then do an examination of the area to be waxed, put on gloves and apply the Prepil gel to proceed with the waxing.

Which area do you think is the most difficult to wax?

The buttock area.

What differences are there between boys and girls when it comes to waxing?

Most of the time boys come with very long hair and women, on the other hand, tend to come with short hair.

What type of wax do you prefer? Why?

For upper and lower limbs and for the back and chest area I use warm wax and for the bikini line and underarms I use hot wax in a disposable can. The first one grabs all the hairs, even the shortest ones, and it is also much more hygienic and faster. The second, which works without strips, is applied in very thin layers and grabs all types of hairs and does not damage the skin.

What is your favorite Starpil product?

The prepil gel and the gold warm wax. Lately I've been using the watermelon wax a lot, I love it.

How do you promote the different treatments that the Starpil range has?

It's a different kind of waxing than usual because it prepares the skin before, during and after waxing.

What services do you offer in your center?

I do manicures and pedicures; perms, eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting; massages; body and facial treatments; make-up and all types of hair removal: waxing, electric and photoepilation.

Do you think laser hair removal has affected traditional waxing?

No, as I said before, I work with all three types of hair removal and clients who have always waxed are loyal to this method.