Ana Pérez, stylist: "Sun Supreme is a very complete treatment".

Ana Pérez, estilista: “Sun Supreme es un tratamiento muy completo”
There is nothing better than knowing the experience of those women (and men if they want too) who have tried Maystar Cosmética products. Knowing what they think, whether good or bad, always brings positive things. We wanted to write about this specific case in our blog, because it is quite particular. Ana Perez is a stylist. She has been working in the fashion and beauty industry for more than 20 years. She has worked for major publications, has been in charge of fashion shows for catwalks such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and 080 Barcelona Fashion, and has been in charge of dressing the stars of commercials and films. Her knowledge in this field is very broad, but she has always encountered a problem. She is mulatto, with a black father and a white mother. And that had caused her problems when it came to taking care of her skin, since the vast majority of products sold in Spain are intended for white skin. Because of her work as a stylist, Maystar Cosmética frequently gives her samples. Ana's surprise after a few weeks of testing has been great.and now she wants to share her experience with you. She is now on her third bottle of cream, and is very grateful to have found a product that works for her skin type.

How did you hear about Maystar?

Through their communication agency, showDroom, and Lujosa Barcelona's Instagram.

What was your first perception of the brand?

A big and serious brand, but I was surprised not to be able to find it in more accessible places, as I think it is only in beauty centers. It is true that you can find it in their e-shop but we women like to try cosmetics before jumping into the purchase.

What products have you tried?

The lines Synergy Lift, Cellular Expression Vitamin C y Sun Supreme Care.

Which is your favorite product and why?

Sun Supreme Care SPF 50 with colorbecause it does exactly what it says. The texture is wonderful. It's just the right balance: It's fluid enough not to make your face sticky, but it's buttery enough not to be too runny and give you the feeling that it's not moisturizing and that you're not wearing cream. It is also true that it adapts to the color of the skin. I can say it out loud. I had not found until now anywhere and in any brand, at least in my case -dark tone-, something that you take out of the bottle and does not make you a white effect when you put it on your face, as if you were painting it. The truth is that the Sun Supreme really suits you. And on top of that, it leaves it more luminous, as if you had applied a foundation.

Is it difficult for a mulatto person in a white country to find products for your skin?

Difficult becomes almost impossible. In fact, they bring me products from London, I was tired of throwing money away. They think that people who are darker are dark brown, and that's not true. What happens is that we have a different pigmentation, and they don't take that into account. The only one I buy here is Sun Supreme Care with color.

What's different about your skin?

Our skin is not Caucasian. In the same way that Caucasian skin has different shades (whiter, pinkish...) it's the same for us, with the difference that my root is black. All the products you find here are born from a Caucasian base. Except for this Maystar Cosmética product, I don't know why, but it fits perfectly.

And what is it about Maystar's Sun Supreme Care that got you so hooked on it?

It is an all-in-one, I find it a very complete treatment. It has very high sun protection, which is wonderful. Your skin always looks nice. In addition, during the whole summer I didn't have to wear makeup, because it gives you a satin effect that evens out your skin, you put on mascara and you look perfect. Everyone told me so. You have treatment, sun protection, it evens out your skin tone... What more could you ask for?

Have you found any similar products on the market?

No, none, really. I say this as a stylist and consumer. And I have a lot of bottles at home... Because that's what I've always been looking for, a cream that could do a little bit of everything, there are creams for almost every shade, but not for ours. Another problem we have with products that claim to be for our skin is that people think that because we are black we don't burn, and we do. So they make darker creams but with a very low protection factor, so they don't work for me, because if I'm going to spend the day at the beach I'll burn my skin.

What is your general opinion about Maystar Cosmética?

I like it a lot, but I would prefer it to be more accessible. I love the serums, the creams are very comfortable... The only downside is that I find it hard to get. If it wasn't for your agency, I wouldn't have known about it, because on the Internet we see thousands of products every day and they go unnoticed. We need to try it no matter how well we are told about a company.