How to take care of your skin at 30

Cómo cuidar la piel a los 30

In your thirties, your skin looks fantastic, very young, very smooth and luminous...

But it's time to start taking care of yourself and we'll explain why.

Like all organs, the skin gradually ages, but this is the only organ that we see every day in the mirror. Your skin is your business card and as a vital organ (the most extensive) it suffers if you do not provide it with the necessary care.

The lack of care is reflected through different unsightly elements that can range from a lack of care to a lack of wrinkle a finite wrinkle, to a deeper one, going through spots of various kinds, some caused by the sun, some by hormonal disorders.

The problem is that once they appear, they are very difficult to remove, so the best thing to do is to prevent them by taking care of your skin from your youth. And aging is not negative, but it is always better to do it with a healthy and beautiful skin, where you can see the love you have put into taking care of it.

6 guidelines to keep in mind for perfect daily care

1. Cleanse your skin twice a day

Yes, it is very important to perform a good skin hygiene.

In the morning you can apply micellar water and, if you apply make-up, a very light make-up remover emulsion at night. This step at the beginning of the day is essential to remove any impurities from your skin and then you can apply your usual cosmetics, serum, cream, sunscreen or makeup.

At night it is also essential that you apply a hygiene cosmetic to remove makeup or impurities from environmental pollution, in this case we recommend a light make-up remover emulsion.

In this way your skin will be clean and ready for rest. After cleansing your skin you can apply your moisturizer before going to sleep. We advise you to do it about an hour before going to bed, so you will give time to the cosmetic to fulfill its function, to prevent the pillow from taking part of it.

2. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin is basic. You can do it 2 to 3 times a week (depending on whether your skin is more oily or drier), using the typical mechanical exfoliator (scrub), whose function is to gently remove the most superficial cells of the skin through a light friction. If you are consistent with this step, you will immediately notice that your skin is much softer and more receptive to the cosmetics you apply afterwards, which will penetrate better.

3. Moisturize your skin

Undoubtedly, moisturizing your skin is equal to prevent wrinkles. Yes, believe it or not, moisturizing your skin every day is the grain of sand you need to achieve a mature skin with less wrinkles and imperfections.

In the market there are countless cosmetics designed for this function, always look for those that are best suited to your skin type, but it is important that you know the basic active ingredients that offer better results: hyaluronic acidsqualene, coenzyme Q10, antioxidants (vit. A, E, C), etc.etc.

If you have a more sensitive skin oily try to apply light cosmetics or serums and if you have a more oily skin, try to apply alipic or more dryIf your skin is dry, apply creams with a creamier texture to better meet your skin's needs.

Moisturizing cosmetics should always be applied during the day and at night, after your usual hygiene.

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4. Apply an eye contour cream

This is one more step. You may be lazy at first, but eye contouring is essential to take care of the delicate eye skin area, as it is the most important part of your skincare routine. is one of the areas where wrinkles appear first.The eye contour is one of the areas where wrinkles appear first, since any change of expression in the face affects the skin in this area. So, do not be lazy and apply every night an eye contour.

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5. Use moisturizing masks

It is also a super good habit to apply 1 or 2 times a week a mask. Your skin will always thank you for it, since the active ingredients are concentrated and, after 15 minutes on your skin, they penetrate better, and it will also serve as a moment of relaxation.

We recommend that you apply it after a mechanical exfoliating scrubThis will remove the layer of dead cells and the active ingredients will penetrate more effectively.

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6. Do not forget the Sunscreen

This is the final step, but the most important one for prevent skin aging due to exposure to sunlight.. Yes, the use of photoprotectors is basic to prevent unwanted wrinkles and skin thickening, blemishes melanic and vascular spots and many other very unsightly and unaesthetic effects on the skin.

We recommend that you apply it every day, in the morning. Apply your moisturizing cosmetic, wait a few minutes for it to be well absorbed, apply the sunscreen and then you can apply your make-up.

This is a fundamental step every day of the year, not only in summer, think that we are always inevitably subjected to solar radiation to a greater or lesser extent, so stay only with the good of the sun!

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And as always, we recommend that you eat healthily, drink water, rest and do not lead a sedentary life...

Remember... your skin is the mirror of your soul.