Man care of man

Cuidado de la Piel del Hombre

No doubt every time boys take care of themselves. Statistics say that concern and care for their skin, hair and body is increasing.

Whether you are a man and woman your skin is the most extensive organ of the body and its main function is to protect us, so it needs basic care regardless of the sex you have.

Differences between male skin and female skin

  • Thickness: In boys the skin is 20% Thicker That in women, it is usually more compact and firm, with 25% more dermal collagen that is gradually degraded, while in women the collagen degrades especially after menopause making the skin notoriously thin .
  • GRASUTITY: In the boys the skin is more fat, this is because the number of sebaceous glands is greater than in girls and are also larger. Therefore, male skin has greater sebaceous excretion, folding almost the amount of sebum of women. The level of androgens is also greater in male sex, therefore, they are more likely to have acne in puberty.
  • Aging: in men the signs of aging appear in a way later That in women, although when the signs appear they are more intense, with deeper wrinkles and much more pronounced bags and dark circles.

And something else a super important to take into account in the boys is the shave.

  • Shaved: shaving is a practice that undoubtedly It affects a lot To the skin of the boys, in doing it practically daily the skin suffers more.

If you are a man, we recommend that you begin to emphasize the care of your skin, you will see how in a short time you see the results. It is not necessary for you to use too many cosmetics, but at least encourage yourself to start, remember that The skin has memory.

What cosmetics are indispensable for the care of man's skin?

Man care of man


It is super important not to skip this step.

Ideally, you do it twice daily, in the morning and at night ... and be lazy!

You can choose between various types of cosmetics, for example, a soap special for facial care, or a micellar water, which can also be very very comfortable. This will help you eliminate the remains of fat and impurities from your skin, a fundamental point to start wearing more beautiful and careful skin.

Shaved off

This step is very important, since if you do not do it properly your skin can be irritated and attacked.

Therefore, look for a foam or gel of nutritious razor that helps you prepare hair and skin, to be able to make a shave that is not so aggressive. If you use blades, never do it dry, always make a previous email.

After shaving we recommend some Refreshing and soothing lotion.


This step is essential to reinforce and slow natural aging, in addition to giving luminosity and uniformity to your skin. Find a type cosmetic gel or a light emulsion Oil in water. They are easy to apply and will not leave you the fat texture.

Solar protection

The application of a sunscreen It is not a matter of aesthetics, but of health. Cutaneous aging caused by ultraviolet radiation is considered irreversible damage and pathology. If you are blond and your tolerance in front of the sun is low, try to apply a sunscreen every day. If you look like too many creams you can skip the passage of hydration, since solar creams hydrate in itself.

3 steps for a perfect routine

  1. Facial Cleansing with a soap or micellar water.
  2. Sunscreen of no less than 30 SPF. Also consider the amount of time you are exposed to the sun, either for your work or for outdoor sports.
  3. Apply 1 or 2 times a week one moisturizer.

We finish recommending one balanced diet, a perfect water intake and a good daily rest, no alcohol or tobacco and you will see how your skin will appreciate it.