Flash effect, beautiful in a minute

Efecto flash, guapa en un minuto
Surely more than once it has happened to you that, after a very long and exhausting working day, you have a commitment that you can not give up and when you look in the mirror you see a dull face.

The solution to your tired face

The flash effect treatmentsThe flash effect treatments, which will help you to eliminate signs of fatigue in a matter of seconds, and revitalize a dull skin. As soon as the product is applied, the skin regains its natural vitality, signs of fatigue disappear, wrinkles and fine lines fade, and the complexion regains its firmness and radiance. In addition, products with this effect help to tone, moisturize and protect the skin and prepare it for make-up. Nowadays there are different types of products on the market aimed at improving the appearance of the skin in just a few seconds. You can find masks, wipes, brushes, serums and, in the case of Maystar Cosmética, in ampoules. Our treatment Instant Beauty Flash is an instant beauty concentrate with caviar extract from immediate and long-lasting lifting effect. It has a great regenerating power, nourishes and moisturizes intensively, firms and reinforces the natural protection of the skin and provides well-being and comfort. flash effect

What is its secret?

Its active ingredients such as caviar extractthe squalene and hyaluronic acid. The former is formulated from pure marine substances and contains a very high concentration of amino acids, peptides, essential fatty acids, proteins, iodine and trace elements. >> Hyaluronic Acid in cosmetics: use and benefits Squalene is a great antioxidant that protects the cells of the skin from the effects of free radicals and prevents moisture loss, provides elasticity and prevents aging while strengthening the skin's immune system. Finally, hyaluronic acid helps rebuild the fibers that support the skin's tissues and, thanks to its ability to retain water, intensively hydrates the skin. We hope our advice is useful ;)