Eye Contour: how to use it correctly

Contorno de Ojos: cómo utilizarlo correctamente

Why use eye contour?

Our eyes suffer day by day due to environmental aspects such as external agents or pollution and also due to our daily habits. The hours we spend in front of the computer, reading or watching television also cause our eyes to suffer. All this, together with daily stress and the passing of the years generates the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and crow's feet. Therefore, we must solve this problem by using a good eye contour.

How to apply eye contour correctly?

To apply the eye contour, place a hazelnut-sized amount of product on your finger and spread it out with small touches around the eyealways from the inside to the outside in order to loosen the area and progressively soften expression lines. If you have bagsIf you have bags, you should apply it massaging from the outside to the inside and not the other way around, so that the lymphatic system drains the fluid retention in the area. By following these steps you will be able to reduce the swelling of the tissues and the formation of bags and dark circles under the eyes.

When and where to apply the eye contour?

The application of the eye contour is just as important as a moisturizer and should be one of the mandatory treatments for daily use. The eye contour will allow you to obtain a much more illuminated look, with a much more hydrated and unified skin. We recommend applying it daily in the morning and eveningalways after your cleansing routine. It should always be applied on the lower part of the eye, never on the mobile eyelid because it is an area that tends to get greasy more easily. It is very important that you do not apply your usual moisturizer around the eye area, as the ingredients of these products are not suitable for use in more sensitive areas, such as dark circles or eyelids, as we are talking about a much thinner skin. This is why it is so important that you have a specific product for the eye area. We remind you that the 3 most obvious factors of aging in the eyes are:
  • dark circles
  • bags
  • flaccidity of the eyelids
Thanks to the continued use of an eye contour with suitable ingredients for this type of factors, you will be able to attenuate these aspects to keep your eyes younger and more luminous.

Which eye contour to choose?

We have already explained that it is very important to choose specific products for the eye contour area because the skin in this area is extremely thin and delicate. The first thing we warn you is that this type of products are generally more expensive than creams for facial use, the formats are usually much smaller (between 15 and 30ml), but they are very effective due to the small amount required. It is also important to choose them according to ageIt is also important to choose them according to your age, since the skin's needs change as you get older. We recommend that you start using them from the age of 20, and although it may seem that at that age you enjoy eternal youth, later on your eyes will thank you for it. One of the main characteristics for a good eye contour is its moisturizing properties, to prevent water loss in the area, we recommend those that also contain hyaluronic acidwhich increases moisture levels, or retinol. The vitamin C is also a potent anti-aging active and other decongestant substances will help drain the area. In case of more mature skins, it is important that they contain in addition antioxidants and collagento promote elasticity. Avoid cosmetics containing alcohol, urea or salicylic acid.as they are more aggressive substances for such a delicate area. Finally, we recommend that the texture is not greasyThis way your make-up will stay fixed for much longer.

Beauty tips

  • It is not recommended to rub vigorously. the eye contour area, as the skin is very thin and susceptible to sagging.
  • Products for the eye contour area are generally also recommended for the skin around the eyes. are also suitable for the lip contourThis area is also very delicate and requires special care.

These are our eye contours:

Eye Contour Cream from the Caviar Therapy line: light cream with caviar extract, with moisturizing, firming, anti-wrinkle and decongestive action for the eye and lip contour. Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream from the Synergy Lift Excellence line: exclusive anti-aging treatment with a novel, ultra-melting texture, specially formulated to care for the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. Brightens, nourishes, tightens and drains. Powerful anti-aging effect.