Facial gymnastics: facial exercises against flaccidity

Gimnasia facial: ejercicios faciales contra la flacidez
Facial gymnastics is essential to have a firm and toned body, in addition to a good diet and the use of cosmetics.

What happens to our face?

There are 50 muscles in continuous movement in the face. And now you will think that if they are in continuous movement they are already working, but no! It is necessary to tone them up and for this we must work them specifically. We have spoken to experts and users and they all agree on the benefits of facial gymnasticsThe firmness y reduction of dark circles and wrinkles. If you want to know more about how to treat wrinkles, here is the link to our post! The ideal is to practice facial exercises three times a week. On the web you have several platforms where professionals will guide you and help you to tone your face, for example, FacialYogaPlan.

6 recommendations for your facial gymnastics

  1. Perform the exercises slowly and concentrate on each movement.
  2. The ideal time to practice facial gymnastics is in the evening, but if you already dedicate this time to your beauty routine, don't hesitate to practice it at a rest time during the rest of the day. At night it is highly recommended after the facial cleansing and before the application of the treatment.
  3. As with any exercise, start moderately and a couple of times a week and progressively increase the level.
  4. The recommended age is from the age of 30At this time you may begin to feel a certain loss of firmness in the skin due to the natural decrease of the skin's natural elasticity and firmness. collagen.
  5. You just need to be relaxed and in front of the mirror, although when you have more practice you won't need it either.
  6. The muscles that we should work the most are those located mainly in the corners of the lips, around the eyes, in the chin area and in the neck.

The 7 most common exercises of facial gymnastics

  1. Face in general: close your mouth and move your tongue 10 times, moving it from right to left and vice versa.
  2. Neck: pronounce 10 times every night the letter X in an exaggerated way, contracting the muscles as much as possible.
  3. For the double chin: open your mouth as wide as possible and move your lower jaw inwards and outwards.
  4. Cheekbones: you can work them with several exercises, the most effective ones: Open your mouth wide and pronounce the letter A. Clench your teeth and grimace with your lips up, down and sideways. Breathe in and puff out your cheeks as much as possible, repeating 10 times. Twist the lips to the right, so that they pull the left cheekbone and the same to the left.
  5. Puffy eyelids and eye bags: rest your fingers on your temples and close your eyelids tightly for 10 seconds.
  6. Barcode: pronounce 10 times and aloud the vowels: A, E, I, O, U.
  7. Forehead and crow's feet: Place your fingertips on your eyebrows and move them up and down 15 to 50 times.
Do you know other useful exercises? Leave us a comment below the post :)