Why does the mobile cause premature aging?

¿Por qué el móvil provoca envejecimiento prematuro?

Beauty experts warn that the mobile cause premature aging in the skin due to three main causes.

We have read it several times: prolonged use of the phone causes skin aging, affecting the expression lines, the firmness of the skin and even provoke us acne.

Can we avoid it?

premature aging The answer depends on you and the minutes you spend up to date with your smartphone. Two decades ago we did not spend hours in front of a small screen that forces us, on many occasions and from a certain age, to constantly frown To clearly see the constant messages we receive and return. Consequently Our lock and our rooster legs They are much faster than they should and it is no longer strange to observe very young guys with expression lines that they should not have yet. The inclined head position Down, not only harms our cervicals, it also causes that the visible signs of age appear much earlier in our neck. Have you heard of the Tech-neck syndrome? This is called and refers to sagging and wrinkles that appear prematurely in this delicate area. The light emitted by the phone directly affects our Collagen and elastin levels, making these decrease and our skin becomes more vulnerable to visible signs of aging. And the last consequence of the abuse of the mobile of which we want to warn you is the acne.

Have you noticed that you have granites again or that they have come out for the first time when you have never suffered from acne?

Yes, your phone can also have the fault. The Tactile screens are a focus of bacteria And we do not remember daily of disinfecting them, with which your hands transport all these bacteria directly to your face every time you touch it.


Use a good protectivenot only solar, a DD Cream that protects you from all the aggressions that your skin suffers daily, including mobile. Sun Supreme Care 50 Pa ++++ It is a DD Cream that will become a protective shield against everything that attacks your skin. Start using antiaging serums At night so that your skin defenses increase and collagen and elastin remain at optimal levels. Biorelax Lifting Serum Fulfill the expectations that your skin needs. Finally, extreme cleaning of your skin and the screen of your mobile. For the face Anti-August Micellar Water and for the mobile a cotton moistened in alcohol every night.