Hair removal in pregnant women

Depilación en la mujer embarazada

Can a pregnant woman shave?

The answer is, of course, yes. It is totally understandable that when a woman gets pregnant, for the first time, she assaults her all kinds of doubts about what she can use and what not in her daily beauty routines. Women usually take our hair removal sessions but in pregnancy it will be our hormones who decide if we will have more or less hair. Let's say it is a matter of luck and totally random. There are some women to whom the hair disappears and others who suffer from hirsutism, that is, abundant growth of hair in areas where before or existed, something that after pregnancy and breastfeeding will disappear. Pregnant woman hair removal

Recommendations for perfect hair removal in pregnant women

The most important thing is to keep the skin very soft and hydrated. The first step is exfoliate it correctly. You can use many soft exfoliants but we recommend that you use daily, and dry, a mane glove (a natural way to do it) and you massage all parts of your body to which it is easy for you to access. It is the best trick to keep the skin soft. Then, use a cream, totally free of parabens and, to be, of any chemical component.

What hairline is better when you are pregnant?

When you have to resort to a depilatory method, remember that Laser hair removal is totally discouraged During the months of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The rest of the methods, that is, blade, creams and waxes you can use them although having special Beware of chemical agents of creams that can cause adverse reactions on your skin. We must take into account that any chemist that we apply in our skin will reach the bloodstream and directly to our hormones, which advises during pregnancy use beauty products as natural as possible.

Recommended depilatory wax for pregnant women

In Starpil We have created a type of wax Without colfonia, parabens, dyes or perfumes: the line Starsoft. A type of wax that contains Neurosensory assets that They will soften the pain and that is recommended 100% for pregnant women, both because of their formula and for the high skin tolerance, avoiding allergic reactions.

Is it necessary to go to childbirth with the shaved pubis?

It is a personal decision but, keep in mind that most of the health personnel attending in deliveries will shave you. Simply to have more control over the perineum area and facilitate the suture in case of tear or perform the episiotomy. Therefore, Pubis hair removal is advisable To facilitate, in later days of priests, the hygiene of the area and the correct healing, everything will be much easier.

When to shave for childbirth

The wax, without being at very high temperatures, is a system very tools for pregnant women who, in addition, resort to a few months To the centers of aesthetics for comfort, since the same has it complicated to access some areas when the belly grows. We wait for you in the comments!