Take care of your face during the summer

Cuida tu rostro durante el verano
Take care of your face during the summer Take note of our advice to protect your face from the sun and its effects List to be perfect this summer? In summer it is essential to take care of the face. Sudden temperature changes, sun exposure, chlorine, sea salt ... All these agents damage the skin of our face and it is necessary spots appearance. Exfoliation During the summer, do not neglect the exfoliation. Use a smooth and nutritious exfoliant to help cell renewal, smoothed the skin and at the same time hydrate, give you light to the face. Apply it at night and with soft circular movements. We recommend ours Exfoliant peeling gommage With wheat germ, carrot oil, pink and kaolin. From the first application you will notice the hydration and reduction of redness, since it is specially formulated for sensitive skin. Hydration The sun helps us to produce vitamin D, which is necessary for the function of bones and health, but can also cause damage. So to help our skin, in addition to controlling sun exposure, we must hydrate it in a correct way. To combat the harmful effects of the sun and external agents in summer, use a moisturizing serum such as Skin Illuminator Serum by Maystar, enriched with pure vitamin, to contribute an extra luminosity, energy and firmness to our face. Solar protection Sunlight consists of long and short waves. Long (such as radio waves) are harmless to people, but short (UV ultraviolet light) can cause problems such as burns, affect cell growth, and can reduce skin elasticity aggravating premature aging of the face . Depending on the type of sun exposure you are going to have, a sunscreen must be chosen between a protection factor 30 or 50. The SPF multiplies the time that the skin can be exposed to the sun's rays. Therefore, the idea that the highest is the least tan protection number you are going to get. Our range Sun Supreme Care You can find it with SPF 30 and SPF 50. For this summer we recommend the protection 50, since at this time of the year it is when the sun affects the earth and more damage causes. This anti -color line with a touch of color is perfect for daily protection. In addition to providing a durable effect protective barrier, it contains vitamin E of antioxidant action that repairs damaged skin. It is ideal for all types of skins. Mima your face In summer, the plans multiply, we travel more and our face products have less space in the bag. But in reality, no matter the season of the year in which we are, because daily cleaning would have to be an essential in our night routines. During the day we have applied several times protective cream, makeup, touch -ups ... and the time comes for our skin to breathe. Always carry with you a facial cleaner to decongest the skin. From time to time find a hole and apply a mask that suits your skin type. With vitamin C, moisturizing, purifying ... your face will thank you and provide you relaxation. Don't forget your lips. There are some parts of the face that are more sensitive and the lips are one of them. Loans Attention and uses lip balms with protection against solar rays. Take care of your face during the summer and forget about suffering the consequences of the sun with the appearance of reds and spots when the station ends.