How to take care of acneic skin

Como cuidar una piel acneica

When we talk about acne, we cannot determine an exact age, since we can find it at different times of our life, in adolescence and also in adulthood.

We know that it has a hormonal origin, from there, when there is an alteration of them, the problem is worse, either in puberty, pregnancy, menopause ... If we also add a time of stress, we will get aggravated.

Acne, is a pilosebácea disease, with or without inflammatory outbreaks, scars ... which means that it involves a high psychological impact for those who suffer from it, and that, for wanting to cover it with makeup, it is possible to get worse.

People who suffer acne, secrete more sebum, the sebaceous gland is more active, which facilitates bacterial proliferations, if there is no very controlled hygiene.

We also find cases of acne, due to a mismembered use, that is, use products with formulas not appropriate to the skin needs we have.

That is why it is important, visiting our trusted beauty hall, to analyze what type of skin we have and what daily ritual advise us according to our real needs.

Food also causes great controversy, when talking about acne. It is recommended to have a healthy, balanced eating, free of saturated fats, carbonated, sugary drinks ... limiting dairy products, since all this influences the health of our skin.

How should I take care of my skin if I suffer acne?

We must use Free Oil formulas, fat -free, emulsions with light and soft textures, that help us balance the sebaceous gland and provide us with hydration, it is important not to lose water in anti acne treatments, since we find very astringent formulas, which, which They make us lose water and our skin can have manifestations of sensitivity.

Maystar  Oil Balance Care.

A line formulated to keep acne at bay, avoiding infections, balancing the sebaceous gland and keeping the skin hydrated and without brightness.

Oil Balance Care line cleaner gel, you will drag remains of makeup, dirt, pollution ... normalizing sebaceous secretion and keeping acne at bay.

Next, we recommend tone with the clarifying tonic lotion, an aqueous texture without alcohol that respects your hydrolypid mantle, balancing and leaving it without brightness.

If you are, of which you make up, use a specific makeup, that is not very occlusive and let the skin breathe, before use apply the regulatory sebum of day, in this way you will manage to kill the skin and that is perfect.

Remember that it is a passenger condition, do not skip any specific care, and you will quickly see a change in your skin.

Ángela Tejedera /Cosmetologist /Dietitian