How to take care of my face before sleeping

Como cuidar mi cara antes de dormir

The night arrives, moment of rest, disconnection, the cortisol levels decrease, we stimulate the production of melatonin ... and for the skin the most important moment.

We know that our biological clock responds to the periods of light, known as the circadian rhythms. During the day, the cells of our skin work to defend themselves and protect themselves from the free radicals to which it is exposed.

And at night, change the rhythm and function, being the protagonist of cell regeneration, helping to repair possible damage and stimulating renewal.

According to different studies, we know that during 23:00 and 4:00 hours the blood flow is increased by achieving greater oxygenation, and facilitating cellular changes.

That is why skin care before sleeping becomes one of the most important commandments of skin beauty.

It is time to connect with us, and in a simple and pleasant way, dedicate ourselves to preparing the skin, so that its peak is the maximum.

Prepare a relaxed atmosphere, collect your hair and have to enjoy the most important beauty ritual.

Biphasic Eye Make-Up Remove  Maysta Therapy Caviarr, a soft and soothing offaller with caviar extract, which will help us clean and eliminate any rest of makeup. We will place the wet cottons in the eyes letting them rest, so that the eyelashes are soaked, after a few seconds we will proceed to withdraw smoothly and without friction.

Next, we will clean the rest of the skin, to prevent the pores from obstructing and facilitating cell renewal to the skin.

We will apply the toning offaltr emulsion of the sensitive line of Maystar, a soothing, moisturizing emulsion, which helps us decongest the most sensitive piles while properly withdrawal impurities, makeup ... makeup ... makeup ...

We will apply 4 dosages in the hand, and we will distribute the product in the neck, neckline and face, through soft circular massages we will help clean. Next, we will remove with warm water.

Thermal toning water  Maystar sensitive. We will spray the face, neck and neckline and with types we will help the absorption of the product.

From here you have the skin prepared to be able to apply the specific treatment that your skin needs.

Take the opportunity to enrich it with the active ingredients that we find in the different cosmetic formulas of Maystar, where an intensive treatment, of the line that best suits your needs, will give you the benefits that your skin needs.

Get used to taking a relaxing infusion that helps you have sweet dreams.

Take a rest!

Ángela Tejedera Cosmetologist/Dietitian