Shines on summer nights

Brilla en las noches de verano

Summer extends its nights, giving us freshness, helping us to cope with the heat that lurks during the day.

It is the time when our skin, more than ever, needs an extra hydration, since it is subject to strong exposoms in addition to the usual ones, excess of ultraviolet, chlorine baths ...

From Maystar we want to give you easy advice so as not to lose the luminosity and juice of the skin.

During the day, we must not forget to protect and hydrate it with a good photoprotector, the cosmetic par excellence that will avoid premature aging.

In Maystar you will find, Sun Supreme Care Body Spf50, that will help us protect ourselves from the ultraviolet type A and B, also thanks to its rich formulation in sugar complex will keep our skin hydrated. It is suitable for all skin types and something that I like to stand out, it is water resistant.

Just as we are aware of the importance of protection, we must be with hydration.

After the shower, we must not forget the need for nutrition and care that our skin needs, so we recommend light emulsions that are easy to apply and facilitate the day to day, one of my favorites the body moisturizing emulsion, which you can find in The Essential line. A fluid texture that nourishes in depth, thanks to the essential fatty acids attributed to us its active ingredients, two jewels of nature, rose mosqueta oil and argan oil.

Another option to increase the hydration and nutrition of the skin and that after the shower are very comfortable to apply, are dry oils.

Easy absorption oils that hydrate and nourish you in depth, without leaving an oily residue and thus be able to dress quickly. Dry oils have come to stay.

In Maystar you can find our line of Stardust, three dry oils with the glamor touch that our summer nights require.

They contain irise particles that look at your skin, giving it that elegant touch of luminosity, leaving you satin and beautiful skin.

You can choose between three options, Stardust Gold, for which the gold is its reference, in addition to the hydration and the special touch of beauty, it also gives us the skin's skin, thanks to the active protagonist, the chamomile.

If you are more blue, the touch of Stardust Cotton Blue, is your option, one of the most moisturizers thanks to cotton we find in its formula.

Y Coral Stardust, that special color irise that thanks to its formulation will help us give a touch of firmness to our skin.

Our dry oils have a lot of versatility, so, if you are one of those who like to try new things, I encourage you to apply it on the tips of your hair at the end of the hairstyle, getting hydration and luminosity.

Another option is to apply a drop right in the area of ​​the period orbicular of the eyes to get a touch of light and a soft gloss in your makeup.

If we treat the skin with the assets you need in each station, we will have healthy and healthy skin, which translates as beautiful.

 Ángela Tejedera