Maystar Skincare closes the year 2022 with another award.

This time from OBJETIVO BIENESTAR magazine, from Prisma Publicaciones. And once again for its Best Seller Synergy lift. A line with two patents that work on Botox effect and facial drainage. 

The magazine recognizes and rewards those brands that from different fields offer a contribution to the well-being of people and that transcend the products to achieve something more. 

Synergy Lift has been recognized as the best professional cosmetic product with immediate lifting effect. And for its VITAL BEAUTY philosophy.


A philosophy that promotes a healthy lifestyle, where nutritional care, sports, and the management of one's own happiness are essential factors for beauty to be perfect, to be eternal, as Maystar Skincare says in its claim.

 Happy and pleased with this, the 4th Award this year, we would like to share the best images of the award, which was collected by David Olesti, the Group's Corporate Marketing Director.

Synergy has already become the new alternative to high-end cosmetics.