Antiblemish Ritual With Whitening Care

Depigmented, smooth skin, and antiaging effect with Whitening Care
Format Airless + Jar + Ampoules
Quantity 30 ml / 50 ml / 5 x 2 ml
Texture Serum, cream and liquid solution
Skin type Spotted skin

Natural Ingredients

Detoxify your skin

Paraben free

Free of toxic substances

Cruelty Free

Packaging 100% reciclable

Intensive Depigmenting Serum + Depigmenting Cream SPF-50

With StarBoost StarLight as a gift!

Ideal for staining and hyperpigmented skins.

Intensive depigmenting serum

Intensive depigmenting serum with high concentration of kojic acid and natural AHAs. Blemish concealer, light, melting and non-greasy. Application: Face · Neck · Neckline Texture: Emulsion Format: 30 ml Airless

SPF 50 Unpigmentant Cream

Repairing cream with high sun protection that hydrates and renews skin tone. Application: Face · Neck · Neckline Texture: Cream Format: 50 ml jar

With StarBoost StarLight as a gift!

Illuminating concentrate formulated with Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and AHA's, which act on the skin, regenerating it, providing light and unifying its color and texture. Recommended for all skin types, ages and especially for skin with a tendency to appear spots, aged and photo-aged. Application: Face · Neck · Neck · Neckline. Texture: Liquid solution of amber color. Format: Box of 5 ampoules of 2 ml

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