Renovation Enzymatic Cream - 200ml

Enzymatic exfoliating treatment with glycolic acid and other natural AHA's repairing and regenerating the skin.
Producto exclusivo para profesionales
Format Jar
Quantity 200 ml
Texture Cream
Skin type Congressed skins

Natural Ingredients

Detoxify your skin

Paraben free

Free of toxic substances

Cruelty Free

Packaging 100% reciclable

AHA's Natural, Rice Starch, Bisabolol, Kaolin (clay)

Ideal for

  • Devitalized skins
  • Hyperkeratid skins
  • Attonas skins
  • Asphyxiated skins


Glycosure Care is the perfect formula to renew your skin in depth. Its exfoliating action eliminates dead cells in a very effective and durable way promoting total regeneration. Of immediate and spectacular effects, your skin will be extremely smooth and soft.

  • Eliminates dead cells.
  • Promote the cellular renewal of the skin
  • Favors the absorption of active ingredients
  • Improves cutaneous elasticity
  • Attenua stains and wrinkles
  • Uniform the tone

Active ingredients


Natural deodorant, gives luminosity to the skin and that it does not look as hard.
Absorbent and purifying.

Oryza Sativa.

He repairs, protects the DNA from the cell and increases the longevity of them.

AHA's Natural.

AHA's molecules dissolve dead cells from the most superficial layers of the skin, promote cell renewal and have moisturizing properties.

Jojoba microspheres

Renuevan the cells on the surface and smooth the epidermis. They provide fatty essential oils for greater protection of the skin.

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