Depigmenting AHA's Concentrate - 50ml

Brightening depigmenting concentrate.
Skin type

Natural Ingredients

Detoxify your skin

Paraben Free

Free of toxic substances

Cruelty Free

100% recyclable packaging

With kojic acid + Vitamin C.

Ideal for

Photo-aged, blemished skin.


Brightening depigmenting treatment for depigmenting cabin treatments with a high concentration of Kojic Acid that helps block melanin production by inhibiting the action of L-tyrosinase, thus reducing the appearance of spots of melanic origin. In addition, the extracts of natural origin have an antioxidant and depigmenting function, which together with Vitamin C result in a uniform, firm and luminous skin.


Booster that, in combination with the Base Cream, allows the professional to create personalized treatments adapted to the different needs of the skin, applying the most appropriate massage technique to achieve the desired result. After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, apply a thin layer of the chosen concentrate (4 drops) and rub in gently to make it penetrate, leaving it to act for two minutes. Place 9 to 10 doses of base cream in a small bowl. Add 8/10 drops of the lightening de-pigmenting concentrate. Perform the massage selected by the professional to obtain a better result of the treatment performed. To obtain results 100% adapted to the needs of our clients' skin, the concentrates can also be combined with each other by adding half the amount recommended for each specific treatment to the base cream. Application: twice a week in addition to the base cream. We recommend the daily use of Sun Protection SPF 50.

Active ingredients

Citrus Unshiu Extract

It is a fruit extract that inhibits the production of melanin and decreases the already accumulated melanin.

Vitis Vinifera Extract

It contains a high percentage of flavonoids and therefore fights the signs of skin aging. In addition, it has substances that act as an effective venous tonic, it is a great anti-inflammatory.

Pineapple Sativa

It contains Biomelin which is a proteolytic enzyme, saccharides, AHA and vitamin C. Therefore, it produces exfoliation, is an antioxidant and maintains skin moisture.

Lemon extract

Vitamin C is one of the most used antioxidants in facial cosmetics for its anti-aging effect, its power to produce collagen and to provide light to the skin.

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