María de Burgos

After these years of experience in the beauty and health sector, day by day I continue to strive to offer my clients all those services and tools possible so that they can maintain a physical and mental lifestyle as healthy as possible. In addition to being in constant training I am very grateful for all the workshops that Maystar through my wonderful Angela gives us to expand our knowledge and thus be able to transfer it in our centers.

Maisha Esthetic Center

My motto has always been "We take care of you" because I firmly believe that we have a responsibility towards our clients who look to us for advice and confidence in all the services and products we offer them on a daily basis. Thanks to Vital Beauty, hand in hand with Maystar, I can offer in a much more personalized and innovative way, quality cosmetics with spectacular results at a very competitive price. All those who have tried it have not changed brands and we have even been expanding in different products from different lines to cover all the needs of the ritual of home care.

I feel very comfortable recommending Maystar because it works wonderfully. I am very proud to be an ambassador for the brand, thank you!

Maisha Esthetic Center


Paseo del Zurrón, 51, 28042 Madrid

Phone: 722 334 143

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