Carla Center, Valdepeñas

I am Laura Antequera Palacios, my relationship with the world of aesthetics lasts almost 35 years. I was a child when I took my first brushes to make up my mother. And so I kept on doing make-up for everyone who accepted to put themselves in my hands.

At the age of 21 I decided that I didn't want this love for aesthetics to remain just a game and I started to train and work in a beauty salon.

I love my job, I feel completely fulfilled dealing with a variety of clients, with different skins and physiognomy, making them shine as they are, getting the best out of each client and attending to their needs makes me love it even more.

I like to be informed about the latest techniques, the latest equipment on the market and new treatments... I am not satisfied with what I already know and handle perfectly. And for this I am in continuous study and training.

Another of my loves, are the eyebrows and therefore I am an artist of two techniques most demanded in the market (Powderbrows, Boldbrows).

The relationship with Laura Antequera Palacios

My love for this profession does not stop growing and I fell in love with Maystar from the first use. I always try everything before offering it to my clients, I am faithful to my principles and if something does not suit my needs or those of my clients, I reject it directly. This was not the case with Maystar, which I am absolutely in love with.

Carla Center, Valdepeñas


Avenida 1 de Julio, 77, 1G
Valdepeñas 13300

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