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After working for 19 years for prestigious hairdressers, and in the fashion world, I started my personal journey by opening CREARTE with my brother and partner, a salon where we could make an honest hairdressing and put into practice all the advice that for years my customers gave me and thus create a unique wellness space, where people would come to enjoy an experience in hair work and not just a haircut, creating a unique way of working in the market.

I took care of adding knowledge in aesthetic psychology, colorimetry, Visagism, and everything that could give an added value to the experience from the knowledge of the client as a whole and not just as a head of hair.

It has been 11 years since this dream has come true, that is why we demand from the companies that work with us the same ethics that we have understood as a Sinequan condition, not only for a good job but also for the conscious preservation of our health, that of our clients and definitely of our environment.

Crearte Styling

Eva Professional has given us in her treatment and formulas everything that for us is our model of life and understanding of beauty.

Carrer de Girona, 134, 08037 Barcelona
 + (34) 93 457 32 67
 + (34) 645 14 07 21

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