There is a great variety of Facial creams, but not all are for all types of skins. It is necessary to take into account a good cosmetic diagnosis of the skin, performed by a good aesthetic professional, in order to apply the appropriate and personalized cosmetics.

In Skincare we have several lines oriented to different skin types. Diverse Face creams They make up these lines with anti-aging active principles or antioxidants, moisturizers, oxygenants, regenerators, illuminators and depictants.

Creams for the face with spots or depigmenting

Within the Skincare lines one of the most indicated for Unify the color of the skin is Whitenign Care. It is the lineFacial Antimantes which has depigmenting assets and also skin pigment regulators responsible for the appearance of browning spots of melanic origin, such as Kojic acid.

It is very difficult to combat this skin problem since not only when we go to the beach there is solar exhibition. We are exposed every day, in the daily routine, therefore, in these skin types with this predisposition to pigment, it is essential to use Antimancian face cosmetics and the daily use of an adequate and safe sunscreen.

Do you know our facial solar cream?

More and more there is awareness about skin care against ultraviolet radiation, sun, and damage caused by the skin. Not only the appearance of stains, premature wrinkles, cell damage, etc., the appearance of skin cancer has also increased, especially when it comes to very clear skins (phototypes 1 and 2).

A good protective cream for the face has a high FPS, from 30 to 50. You must also bear in mind that the sun affects in different ways depending on the time, and the time of year. It is important to know that the sun that produces serious changes in the cells of the skin is the midday sun but the one that produces premature aging, spots on the skin and wrinkles is the sun "good", the sun of the first and last hours of the day.

In Skinacre we have a Sun protection line, Sun Supreme Care, that has three different photoprotectors for the face. Sun Supreme SPF 50 with antiageing assets and a soft touch of color, Sun Supreme 30. with anti-aging assets and SUN SUPREME SPF 50 DAILY PROTECTION WITH HYDRATING PROPERTIES. The three free mineral oils.

Moisturizing and reaffirming creams Skincare

The constant use of Facial moisturizing cosmetics It is the basis for having the skin hydrated therefore protected and careful in front of the appearance of superficial wrinkles.

All Skincare facial moisturizing cosmetics has active ingredients that comply with a safe, immediate, effective and lasting hydration function over time.

Within our varied Skincare lines we have these two effects united, a cosmetic that brings together the two functions, on the one hand a Facial cream with high moisturizing power and on the other hand the same cosmetic with the qualities of an excellent facial firming.

The two top lines that stand out in these two qualities are: Synergy Lift. Y Caviar therapy, Our two non-antiageing lines where we find these assets that combine to hydrate to the skin in depth, such as hyaluronic acid, granting smoothness, elasticity and protection, and Reaffirming active principles, like the chondrus crispus and several types of peptides that give the firm skin producing a Effect of "cosmetic lifting" Immediate and cumulative.