What Types of Hair Removal are there?

Qué Tipos de Depilación existen

Types of Hair Removal

Hair removal continues to be the most requested service in Aesthetic Centers, so it is very important to treat it as a beauty and wellness treatment, where it is essential to have a good knowledge of the types of hair removal available. types of hair removal and use of good products or machinery to ensure a perfect skin care. Let's not forget that, with hair removal, in most cases, we are reaching very sensitive and delicate areas of our body. Let's learn a little more about what hair removal consists of.

History and Curiosities

Hair removal has been around for a long time, much longer than we imagine, and curiously enough for both men and women. In prehistoric times they already cut their hair with very sharp stones, but not for aesthetic reasons, but for survival, since not having hair on their heads made it difficult for the enemy to catch them in a battle. So the absence of hair was not an aesthetic issue until the time of ancient Egypt, where both women and men shaved their entire bodies, from the neck down, as a symbol of cleanliness. The first waxes were formulated with beeswax and sugarsThey also used copper tweezers and sea shells to shave and remove hair. And during the Roman Empire the fact of not having hair was a symbol of social status, although only for women. As you can see, in those times we were already aware of the hair, that is why, nowadays there are so many depilatory techniques, which always seek to minimize discomfort and obtain a long duration, trying to delay hair growth as much as possible. hair removal with a blade

Depilation with Blade

The hair removal with a razor is one of the most commonly used methods. It is a very simple and fast technique in which you remove hair from any part of the body instantly. With the disadvantage that you do not eliminate it from the rootbut rather you cut itTherefore, the time for the hair to appear again is very short, about a few minutes. two to three days maximum. If you shave:
  • Apply a gel, foam or soap as a step prior to shaving to soften the hair, thus avoiding the irritation that can be caused by dry shaving.
  • Change your razor every weekIt will always depend on the type of razor you use and the quantity and quality of your hair. If they are single use, so be it, so discard them after each application, and at least try to buy medium quality blades.
  • Apply, after shaving, a moisturizing cream or emulsionyour skin will always appreciate it.
  • ¡Y do it with peace of mind! it wouldn't be the first time that you get hurt by going fast. Remember, the blade cuts!

Depilation with cream

The depilatory creams cut the hair like razors, but in a different way. chemically. So in case you want to use this type of hair removal, it is important that you take into account if your skin is very sensitive or reactive, as depilatory creams have chemicals in their formulation that can be very strong, as they act degrading the keratin of the hair until its total destruction, although never at the root. So it is very important that you are well informed about: types, uses, risks, advantages and disadvantages. And we advise you that, if you are going to apply the cream on large areas, you should first make a small tolerance test by applying it to a small part of the inner arm to make sure that it does not cause any reaction. waxing


The Waxing is the most traditional method, the one that has always been used, whether applied at home or in a beauty salon. With this technique what you achieve is extract the hair with its rootSo the treatment of the hair with wax requires a certain skill and care. We recommend that you always do it in a beauty salon where you can be assured of the quality of the products and the good technique of the professional who will do the treatment. To wax your hair you have several options:
  • Low melting (or hot) waxVery suitable for areas such as groin, underarms and facial, where the wax is applied at a slightly hot temperature, directly on the skin with a spatula and removed after a few seconds, before it dries completely.
  • Roll-onRoll-on: ideal for large areas such as legs, arms, chest, arms and back, where the wax is applied to the skin at body temperature with a roll-on and removed with hygienic cellulose strips. This system is clean, hygienic and single-use.
  • Warm wax in a canThe same concept as the roll-on, but with another application technique that combines the two previous ones, applied with a spatula and removed with a strip.
All these systems remove the hair from the root and the use of one or the other depends on the type of hair. dexterity of the practitioner, as well as his or her preferences y areas where the wax is applied. Keep in mind that the wax is always for single use only and should be discarded once used, never depilate with recycled waxfor hygienic reasons.


Technically photoepilation is distinguished by the type of equipment used. With this system the hair is removed by means of light that generates intense heat. This light can be of two typeslaser light and pulsed light.

Laser Light (Alexandrite Laser, Diode Laser)

  • Uses a monochromatic light (single color). In case of a laser designed to permanently remove hair, they have a wavelength with absolute affinity for black and brown shades of melanin (pigment that gives color to your hair and skin). That is the reason why this type of laser is not well indicated, due to its lack of efficacy, on blond and white hair and because it produces an epidermal burn (superficial) on very dark skin..
  • These types of lasers are usually used exclusively in medical centers.

Pulsed Light or IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light)

  • It uses a polychromatic light, i.e. the light beam moves between different colors and in different directions, therefore, is not as selective as laser, it is less powerful and much less effective..
With laser treatments you must be especially careful with the sunsun, it is it is forbidden to sunbathe during the days following the treatment..

Which type of hair removal is the most recommended and lasts the longest?

The Medical Laser is a more expensive treatment, but it really treats the hair more permanently, better if the hair is dark and the number of sessions needed will be from 5 to 7, depending on the initial hair density. The treatment with IPL in very many cases, does not permanently terminate the hair. The waxWaxing is a treatment that lasts long enough, weakens the hair little by little and takes care of your skin to the maximum, since in depilatory treatments the skin is well cared for by applying pre and post cosmetics that leave the skin soft and moisturized. It is a system that we would choose if you do not consider the laser and with which you can also sunbathe a few hours after waxing.

Which hair removal is less painful?

Undoubtedly the least painful hair removal is the one that we perform with blade (as long as you are careful not to cut yourself), since with depilatory cream you may feel a slight stinging, because the chemicals it contains are strong enough to destroy the hair, but at the same time may irritate your skin a little.

Which hair removal is the most effective?

The most effective way is the medical laser and if you can not consider it, look for a trusted aesthetic center and opt for a treatment with traditional waxes. If you still have doubts, write them in the comments below :)