What is Cushion?

¿Qué es el Cushion?
Lately we can affirm, in a matter of make up, that everything that comes from Korea is a hit. The latest success to invade European women's handbags is a small box containing the foundation in a impregnated sponge that Koreans have been using since 2008. The fever cushion has come to stay and now even reaches the blush. The success has been such that we can find this format in countless brands of all prices and do not worry about hygienic issues as most include anti-microbial technology.

How to apply the cushion

They are usually light foundations but with good coverage and the best thing is that the "cushion" goes with you even on airplanes. Inside the box is where you find the impregnated sponge, you just have to wet your fingers or another sponge. sponge to apply it directly on the face. There are also other types of formats such as sticks and, as we mentioned, in addition to foundation you can find blushers and highlighters. Remember our tip for radiant skin, apply on your sponge two drops of argan oil pure quality argan oil.