What is anti-aging medicine?

¿En qué consiste la medicina antiaging?
Antiaging medicine is no longer a fad, it is much more than that. Cosmetic and aesthetic medicine help us to maintain the good appearance of our physique over the years, to stop the visible consequences of aging. But what is the point of being eternally young on the outside if our body follows the natural evolution of aging? Image result for antiaging medicine

Can we slow down aging?

Aging responds to two factors:
  • The intrinsicIntrinsic: genetics, gender and age, i.e., those we inherit, those inherent to being a man or a woman and those we acquire as the years go by.
  • The extrinsicextrinsic: those that we can control, ultraviolet rays, pollution, food, stress and smoking.
The former account for 50% of our aging and there is little we can do about them, some people age more than others because of their heredity. However, the other 50% depends entirely on us.
  • The stress is the main cause of cellular oxidation and can cause serious problems
  • The environmental contaminationand alcohol have a very negative influence on the environment.
  • A diet with excess sugar and processed foods accelerates cellular inflammation and premature aging.
  • The sun causes wrinkles, flaccidity, spots and more serious lesions on our skin.

What can we do?

Specialists in anti-aging medicine give us the keys to start slowing down the aging process from 35-40 years. Yes, as you can hear, at 35 years old, many internal parts of your body are getting ready to age. - Biomarker analysis of health and longevity. The objective is the search for the values of excellence of those biomarkers that correlate with some diseases. Normal is not optimalWe are moving away from complacency, from being satisfied with being normal. - Activity, physical exercise and sport. The human being is not made to stand still. A sedentary lifestyle is the source of all kinds of pathologies. In the same sense, physical activity and exercise are a powerful weapon for the prevention and treatment of the diseases of aging. - Healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish, white meats, nuts, dried fruits, olive oil, low in added sugars and fats. trans fatsThe diet should be adjusted to the caloric expenditure of the individual, allowing to maintain an adequate weight, body fat percentage and visceral fat. - Nutritional supplementation with those micronutrients that, even with an adequate diet, do not reach their levels of excellence in our organism.. - Hormonal and metabolic balance. The aging process itself is associated with a slow and progressive decrease of numerous hormones in our organism. - Proper sleep and rest. The quality and quantity of sleep deteriorates over time. Its diagnosis and treatment with adequate doses of melatonin, as well as the improvement of sleep habits, prevent the diseases of aging. - Behavioral and neurocognitive health. Positive attitude towards life. There are ways to modulate our character to face daily problems with less negative repercussions on our organism. - Limitation and/or cessation of toxic habits. Especially the most common: alcohol and tobacco.