What is a facial serum?

¿Qué es un sérum facial?
In recent years, a product has appeared that has revolutionized the skin care routine: a facial serum. serum. It is a cosmetic concentrate with more potent active ingredients than a moisturizer. Its texture is usually lighter so that it is absorbed very quickly. In addition, the penetration of the ingredients penetration of the ingredients reaches the deepest layers of the skin.making it a jewel of a product.

When is it applied?

Always after cleansing the skin and before moisturizing cream.. Apply a very small amount of serum -between 2 and 4 drops- on the face, neck and décolleté. It is recommended to use it day and night but if you decide to use it only once a day, it is best to use it at night, as this is when the cells regenerate.

From what age should it be used?

Ideally, it is best to start at the age of 30 years of ageThis is when the skin starts to show signs of aging. There are cases in which it is necessary to use the serum before, for example, people who have very dehydrated skin or with acne or blemishes. serum

What are the benefits for the skin?

Because it is more concentrated and reaches the deeper layers of the skin, the serum helps to improve the results of regular treatments. Currently on the market we find this product to help solve all kinds of problems. In Maystar Cosmética we have several serums:

Can only one serum be used?

Definitely not. Serums do not replace moisturizers, but it is true that at night we can use only this product if we have young, oily or combination skin. For dry or older skin, it would be better to use nourishing treatments that seal the skin so that it retains as much water as possible. During the day, it is necessary to use a moisturizing cream, as serums do not contain a protection factor. What serum do you use?