Take care of your kisses

Cuida tus besos

The skin of the lips is very fragile. So use specific products to keep them soft, moisturized and plump.

If you usually apply make-up, use a specific gentle make-up remover such as Biphasic Eye Make-Up Remover by Caviar Therapy. You can also use the Sensitive Toning Make-Up Remover Emulsionwhich is suitable for face and sensitive areas, so you'll save on products and space.

Gently exfoliate with a specific product or toothbrush but do not scrub hard.

Apply lip balm as often as you consider necessary. If you are also an athlete, you will love our Maystar Fit Sports Vaseline. It is ideal to regenerate the lip mucosa.

Injecting hyaluronic acid is a way to restore sensuality and rejuvenate them. It hurts a little, but it compensates a lot and lasts from 6 to 10 months depending on your age. If you decide for this option

apply hydration several times a day.