Slow cosmetics at Maystar Cosmética

Cosmética slow en Maystar Cosmética
MAYSTAR COSMETICS enters the world of of slow cosmetics, a new beauty concept that was born to respond to the need to create cosmetics in line with the well-being of body and mind. A natural evolution that follows a large number of people in our society who seek, above all, the control of chronic stress and daily deceleration through new options also in skin care.

What is natural cosmetics?

The natural cosmetics is gaining ground at a time when we are looking for natural formulas to start fighting against everything that means an aggression to the planet and a contamination of our inner self. Beauty evolves and claims the return to the origins through the use, in cosmetics, of ingredients from nature. The natural cosmetics is characterized by being made without parabens, without ingredients of petrochemical origin, without artificial colorings or aromas and without genetically modified ingredients. It is respectful of the environment and animals, two aspects that add much value when choosing these products.

Maystar is committed to natural cosmetics

The body line of Maystar Cosmetics was born in 1997, but in 2013 it was completely reformulated to launch on the market SENSORY NATUREin response to the growing demand for 100% naturalwithout additives and parabens, we replaced our body cosmetic lines with a 100% natural line. SENSORY NATURE respects ecological ethics and guarantees that all products are formulated to be free of chemical residues and aggressive agents that harm the skin and the environment. The skin is our largest organ and, just as we do with food, we should give more thought to what we apply to it. There is a total misinformation, we know that we must moisturize daily but we are not aware that most of the time we cover our skin with petroleum derivatives and chemical substances. SENSORY NATURE proposes a series of treatments, both in the beauty salon and at home, based on hydronutritive and enzymatic active ingredients of natural origin.


Silk Comfort body emulsion Moisturizing cream for daily use and easy absorption that acts as a refreshing moisturizing and nourishing bath for the body with a soft and delicate fragrance. Its semi-fluid and non-greasy texture immediately melts into the skin leaving a satiny veil of softness on the surface. The combination of its hydronutritive and enzymatic active ingredients of natural origin compensates for the skin's water loss and its renewal. Intensive slimming cream Especially indicated for stubborn fat on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Its formula is associated with a combination of reducing agents that help reduce fat accumulation and drain liquids and toxins. As a result, an effective body volume reducing effect is obtained. Paraben free. Preventive Anti-Stretch Mark Cream Ideal for pregnant women, with a double specific action for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, with high regenerating and healing power. Provides great elasticity because it creates a halo of hydration and softness on the skin. It has a light texture and great absorption power. Recommended for use before, during and after pregnancy.