Epidermal growth factors

Los factores de crecimiento epidérmico
The epidermal growth factors are a set of proteins present in the platelets of our blood and play a role fundamental in regeneration processes and repair of tissues, as they trigger biological effects on the skin. One of the trends of which very few are privileged. And Maystar Skincare is a pioneer once more. We present our Top Range: Optimal Renewal. Revolutionary and novel cosmetic treatment that provides a spectacular anti-aging effect because it regenerates the skin and rejuvenates it from within. Its exclusive formula contains three types of epidermal growth factors (FCE) that favor collagen synthesis, improve hydration and skin resistance and, in addition, increase its density. Your benefits are: • Improve hydration • Increase skin density • Great reaffirming effect • Great regenerative power • Retrieve dry and cracked skin • Minimize wrinkles • Visible anti-aging effect.