How to take care of your skin to get a good tan

Cómo cuidar tu piel para lograr un buen bronceado
Summer and vacations are just around the corner. We love going to the beach and sunbathing to show off a nice tan, but how do we take care of our skin?but do you know how to get a golden tan without peeling or burning?? Before lying in the sun, the most important thing is to prepare your skin with a sunscreen. cleansing and exfoliation deep cleansing and exfoliation. When we exfoliate we remove dead skin cells and thus leave the skin ready for tanning, which will also look much nicer. In addition to this, we recommend that you include in your eating habits lots of salads, fruits and plenty of fluids, to promote hydration of your skin and body.

How to use sunscreen

Once your skin is prepared, choose a good sunscreen for the body and another one for the face. It is very important to apply the sunscreen. half an hour before before exposing yourself to the sun and renew it every two hours. The golden rule to achieve a nice tan is not to stay several hours under the sun, but to do it in intervals of time that give as total maximum one hour a dayThis way we will avoid the dreaded sunburn. For the face we recommend our DD Cream Sun Supreme Care with SPF 50 and for the body choose a suitable cream with a high protection factor, especially in the first days of sunbathing. After sun exposure, we should take a warm bath to close the pores and remove all traces of sunscreen or suntan lotion. Then apply the Argan Oil which will help to soften, moisturize and brighten the skin.