How to take care of your skin at 50

Cómo cuidar la piel a los 50
Mature womanSkin care at 50 is essential to show that your wrinkles are of maturity and happiness, not of old age!!! We know that your skin at 50 doesn't look like when you were 20...but don't worry, it's totally normal, since the skin is the most exposed organ: to climate changes, but it also accompanies you with its gestures in your joys, sadness or worries. In short, the skin is the mirror of the soul and therefore is an organ that somehow has "its own feeling". And at this age we cannot overlook the hormonal changes that are part of the cyclical nature of women. What we should consider is to live this stage of wisdom to the fullest, accept it and enjoy ourselves, especially because now you are more in control of your time.

The main cause of premature aging

A very important aspect to take into account is that the skin also reflects the damage caused by the sun exposure and this is one of the causes that most favor skin aging. Yes, sun damage is cumulative and we could say almost irreversible, by this we mean that those endless days at the beach when we were little girls without sun protection have favored those little brown spotsof melanic origin, and many of the wrinkles could also be the result of those excessive exposures without sun protection. A few years ago we did not know so much about the skin damage caused by UV radiation emitted by the sun... and the custom was to apply oils to get a tan, a real madness... The sun and its various radiations are largely responsible for premature skin aging. Therefore, from now on, we recommend the strict use of a sunscreen. But not only for when you go to the beach, but also for when you go to the beach. every dayBecause we are exposed to the sun most of the day, when we drive, when we go shopping, or when you sit on a terrace to have a drink. The sun and its light are a source of health, but without protection, they age. Sun protection

What does sun-aged skin look like?

Photo-aged skin is quite simple to recognize, and we don't mean that you have it, but, as we have said, a few years ago sun care was minimal and nowadays there is a large percentage of people with sun damage. For example, the brown spotsare very noticeable and common at the age of 50 in skins with a certain predisposition and a lot of sun exposure, especially on the face, neckline and back of the hands. They are quite unsightly and difficult to treat, since many of them are located in the dermis, where "cure" with a cosmetic is impossible. In this case we should consider a more invasive treatment, such as laser or chemical peelings, two treatments of medical competence. Another problem is the appearance of wrinkles very deep and unattractive wrinkles, which are impossible to remove. This type of wrinkle can be recognized by the fact that it does not coincide with the gestural lines. And to these unsightly lesions, add hormonal changes and physiological and natural aging, so this is the ideal time for us to super hydrate your skin, performing a strict beauty protocol at home, with daily hygiene, massages with serums and/or creams, masks, etc. Now is the time to take a break in your life and take care of yourself by taking care of your skin. It's nothing complicated, and if you already do it, you can surely add one more step to improve your care and the quality of your skin. And if you complement this care with professional treatments, which can be performed in an aesthetic center of your confidence, success is assured! Your esthetician, as an expert in skin care, will know how to advise you at all times about the best treatment for your skin. At homefor example, we recommend you add to your routine a eyelid cosmeticThis will help to smooth the micro-wrinkles in the area and moisturize this part of the eye, thus slowing down the appearance of new wrinkles.Wrinkles around the eyes We recommend some excellent products suitable for this area:
  • Eye Countour Cream y Eye Countour Mask from the line Caviar Therapyline, with active ingredients anti-inflammatory and decongestive, antioxidant and highly moisturizing active ingredients..
Another option:
  • From the line Synergy Lift Eye Contour Supreme Texture a cosmetic that can also be applied on the lips, with a great power of hydration and that produces a soft lifting effect.
If you are also looking for a luminositywe also suggest the Mousse Mask of the line Cellular Expression. And here's a little trick to help you get the most out of it, if you apply a thin layer during 7 consecutive nights and sleep with it, giving yourself an energetic massage when you wake up, it will become a intensive treatment your skin will be grateful for the luminosity it provides. These are highly recommended cosmetics to add to your daily care, add another pampering to your skin.

How to start taking care of your skin

If you still don't take care of your skin, it's never too late... You have to take into account 3 basic steps:
  1. Hygiene
  2. Hydration
  3. Protection
Within our line Sensitive line you will find a very light and easy to apply emulsion, Toning Make-up Remover Emulsion. After applying it, the skin is ready to receive any other cosmetic product. This application is essential in the morning and at night and with continuity, do not be lazy. To moisturize your skin we can also advise you a few moisturizing products, a proper skin hydration means a lot for your skin, think that with the hormonal change changes your hydrolipidic film, responsible for skin hydration, and ceases to be so efficient, so you will have to do much more emphasis helping to provide hydration. We would like to recommend you:
  • Anti-age Treatment Cream (Synergy Lift). You can apply it during the day, before your sunscreen, and at night with a dynamic and stimulating massage.
  • Another very good option Optimal Renewal Anti-Ageing Creamwith high regenerating power and ECF epidermal growth factors.
  • You could perfectly combine these two creams, one in the morning and the other in the evening, and thus provide different active ingredients that are very beneficial for your skin.
And as we always tell you, don't forget to apply a sunscreen before leaving home, you must be very strict with this, because the sun is always doing its job, not only when you go to the beach. We recommend any of the products from the Sun Supreme Care with antioxidant, soothing and skin barrier stabilizing active ingredients. Remember that it is very important to get into a daily routine! And above all, what we want to convey to you is that this stage, your 50s, is new and beautiful, full of experiences and freedoms, and therefore it is the ideal time to reflect on how to take care of yourself and your life? And your skin is part of your life... take care of it!