How pollution affects the skin

Cómo la contaminación afecta a la piel
These days we are facing serious drought problems that are causing pollution levels in large cities that alert experts to take preventive measures to avoid serious diseases. The environmental pollution is the cause of numerous health problems and among them we must not forget its consequences on the skin. We are the first generations to coexist with such high levels of toxicity in the environment. 80% of dermatologists are of the opinion that pollution causes a number of conditions, such as the dryness and certain allergiesThe use of a healthy lifestyle and a good cosmetic routine is necessary to alleviate these allergies, and aggravate the acne. If you live in the city, it is necessary to adopt a series of measures that protect you daily from the damage that toxins cause to your skin. In figures, it is chilling, 92% of the population lives in environments that exceed the pollution limits established by the WHO.

Is there pollution in our home?

At home we are not safe. The air we breathe in our homes is as polluted as the outside air, and even more so due to poor ventilation. Carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, both of which are very harmful to our health, often accumulate inside our homes.

Which pollutants are the most harmful to your skin?

Mainly nitrogen dioxide, tropospheric ozone and sulfur dioxide.

What are the main pollution problems?

Dermatologists agree:
  • Skin eczema: In recent years, the number of people suffering from this ailment has tripled and, practically 100%, live in polluted places.
  • Oxidation of skin cells: the skin ages prematurely and loses turgor and luminosity.
  • Wrinkles at early ages: The attack of the free radicals takes its toll very early on young skin that does not yet have the essential skin care habits.
  • Acne : Particles in suspension can penetrate our pores and clog them. The daily cleansing is essential.
  • Stains: Pollution from cars can cause stains on hands and face.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration of the skin is the most visible and immediate symptom of skin subjected to high levels of pollution.


The fight against environmental toxicity is not in our hands alone. We can choose to install air purifiers at home but our skin will still be exposed to all the consequences listed above when we go outside. We must rely on cosmetic advances to prevent greater evils.

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