Facial cleansing

Limpieza del rostro


Did you know that your skin is the longest organ in your body? In addition to acting as a barrier to any pathogen, it also acts as a solar and thermal barrier. Through it we sweat and eliminate toxins. That is why it is essential to have an extreme hygiene in the morning before applying make-up and of course before going to bed and removing make-up.

Mornings: do it in an active way, with music and attitude. Clean your skin, apply your toner and moisturizer. Don't forget your sunscreen and natural makeup.

Evenings: in a relaxed way put a candle, soft music and enjoy your Vital Beauty through hygiene. Remove your eye make-up with cotton swabs with Biphasic Eye Make-Up Remover by Caviar Therapy
Try our essentials routine. Make your skin cleansing a real ritual.


Hygiene in young skin depends very much on the degree of skin oiliness.

If your skin is more oily or you have pimples or acne lesions, you can combine several products. Cosmetics in the form of a light emulsion such as Oil Balance Balancing Make-up Remover Emulsion. Oil Balance Cleansing Gel or, if you prefer, Essential Face Oil Balance Facial Lotion. with agents exfoliating agents. It is essential to do it in the morning and at night.


In mature skin it is normal that sebaceous secretion is minimized. Even if you have signs of oily or combination skin, do not use products that may degrease or dry it excessively because it would be detrimental to its natural protection.

In the morning you can use Essential Face Micellar Water which is very easy to apply. For make-up removal we recommend Sensitive Toning Make-Up Remover Emulsion and if you feel your skin is oily you can intermittently apply the Oil Balance Cleansing Gel


From the age of 50 onwards, special attention should be paid to antioxidants, anti-aging and very moisturizing products. Remember that the lack of skin hydration is an accomplice to the possible formation of wrinkles.

A perfect combination is in the morning Essential Face Micellar Water and in the evening Sensitive Toning Make-up Remover Emulsion.