Discover Starboost, our new beauty-enhancing product line

Descubre Starboost, la nueva línea que potencia tu belleza


Discover Starboost, our new beauty-enhancing product line
This autumn, we’re proud to present our new Starboost line comprising 5 different formulas in ampoule format designed to deliver an instant beauty boost in keeping with our Vital Beauty philosophy: youth is ephemeral, beauty is eternal.

How many times have you promised yourself that you'd follow the strict skincare routine necessary to achieve a luminous, well-moisturized complexion? We all know that consistency and product quality are the keys to success, but we often don’t have the time to stick to our regime.

As we near the end of the year, and as part of our commitment to daily skincare, Maystar Skincare has launched the perfect beautycare boosters. This Christmas, we want to see you get that lasting star glow!

The 5 boosters come in packs of 10 ampoules (2 ml each) and include a cap used to open them and 2 applicators. One ampoule provides enough product for two applications — morning and night. However, we don’t recommend leaving an ampoule open for more than two days, as the product will lose its beneficial properties.

The treatments’ fluid texture makes it super-simple to apply them evenly over your entire face. For best results, apply the boosters morning and night after facial cleansing.


1.     Starlift, instant-lift firming booster

Starlift's formula is ideal for flaccid, dehydrated or mature skin.

In addition to its firming properties, this daily-use booster containing antioxidants smooths and moisturizes to create a protective barrier over your skin.


-        Hydrolysed wheat protein: Its film-forming properties produce a thin layer on the skin's surface that captures and retains moisture to optimize its moisture levels.

-        Chondrus crispus: Also known as Irish moss. This reddish seaweed possesses powerful antioxidant properties and protects your skin’s deepest layers (where the collagen is found), enhancing firmness and boosting skin energy to produce a smoothing effect.

-        Moisturizing sugar complex: Moisture-retaining sugars that enhance skin quality and texture to leave it looking plumped and youthful.


2.     Starlight, illuminating and skin-lightening booster

Treatment recommended for blemish-prone, ageing and photoaged skin.

Its formula also gives it anti-ageing, regenerating and moisturizing properties.


-        Kojic acid: Derived from various Japanese fungi, it removes blemishes by acting on melanin synthesis.

-        Potassium azeloyl diglycinate: Boosts skin luminosity, increases hydration and helps regulate sebum secretion.

-        Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin C): Effective antioxidant in optimal concentration to boost skin luminosity and reduce signs of ageing.

-        Fruit extracts (natural AHAs): Exfoliating and antioxidant active principles that help retain skin moisture.


3.     Starvital, latest-generation anti-ageing booster

Recommended for dehydrated, tired and/or ageing skin.

As well as possessing anti-ageing properties, this booster helps regenerate your skin and combats cell oxidation.


-        Vitamin C: Possesses antioxidant and anti-ageing properties and boosts skin luminosity.

-        Allantoin: Generates a keratolytic effect to produce gentle exfoliation. This epidermal regeneration helps form new collagen, the dermal fibre that supports the skin.

-        Peptides: Combination of amino acids capable of lifting and plumping wrinkles.

-        Hyaluronic acid: Substance occurring naturally in the human body and skin. Possesses a powerful capacity to attract and retain moisture to deliver outstanding skin hydration.


4.     Starwater, deep-moisturizing booster

This moisturizing and antioxidant booster is recommended to optimize moisture levels in dehydrated and mature skin.


-        Hydrolysed wheat protein: Possesses film-forming properties that boost moisture capture to maintain optimal skin moisture levels.

-        Hyaluronic acid: Possesses a powerful capacity to attract and retain moisture to deliver outstanding skin hydration.

-        Chondrus crispus: Also known as Irish moss. It's a powerful antioxidant and protects the skin's deepest layers (where collagen is found), enhancing skin firmness.


5.     Starbio, probiotic booster

This skin treatment is recommended for all skin types showing early signs of ageing.

 It contains antioxidants and regenerates, protects and rejuvenates skin.


-        Probiotic complex: Possesses numerous skin-enhancing properties. Notably boosts regeneration of the upper layers of the epidermis, strengthening your skin’s defence mechanisms against environmental agents and chronological ageing.

-        Lactic acid: Possesses skin-regenerating properties, boosts luminosity and reduces fine wrinkles and early signs of ageing.

-        Tocopherol (vitamin E): Possesses antioxidant properties, rejuvenates, protects cells against free radicals and maintains skin moisture levels.