Celebrities are addicted to rosehip oil, do you know why?

Los famosos son adictos al aceite de rosa mosqueta, ¿sabes por qué?
A few months ago we told you in this blog what it is and what it is used for. rosehip oil. It is a highly appreciated product in the beauty sector for its multiple benefits. Among them, it increases collagen production, helps healing, keeps the skin smooth and firm and has a high moisturizing power. Today we want to give you even more information about this product, which you can find at Maystar Cosmetics. For this, we have done some research and we are going to explain what celebrities have used rosehip oil for and what they have achieved with this product.

What celebrities say about rosehip oil

Paula Echevarría

One of the most followed actresses in Spain today claims that she used this product to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Normally we talk about getting rid of stretch marks when they are red, before they turn white. But what about preventing them? If we become pregnant or we are going on a diet, two options in which we know that our body will undergo significant changes in weight, it costs nothing to prevent the appearance of these stretch marks. And rosehip oil is a good option. It manages to regenerate the skin based on hydration and the fact that it helps healing.

Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton also saw in rosehip oil an ideal product to look glowing during her second pregnancy. The wife of Prince William of England used it to moisturize her skin. She chose this natural oil because for her the most important thing was the health of her baby, and this product helped her to keep her skin moisturized without endangering her future daughter. Since then, as the experience was so pleasant, the Duchess continues to use rosehip oil for her daily care.

Miranda Kerr

The model is a real addict to this oil. In fact, she says she puts it on at night, before going to sleep, and wakes up glowing. So much is her love for this product that she included it in her own cosmetic line.

David Gandy

And it's not just women who are hooked on the results of rosehip oil. One of the most beautiful men in the world has admitted on more than one occasion that one of his daily beauty secrets is this oil. There are some who use it at night, there are others who have made it a basic part of their daily routine, and for others it is a good option during pregnancy. What is clear is that the benefits of this natural product are real. And speaking of pregnancies... One more tip before finishing the post. They say, it is clinically proven, that applying rosehip oil through a perineal massage, about six weeks before giving birth, is good to reduce perineal trauma during childbirth, thus avoiding tears and also the need to make an incision in the vulva and perineum at the time of delivery. To learn more about the benefits of essential oils we recommend our article: "The properties of Sensory Essentials oils".