4 steps to a perfect facial cleansing: Korean method

4 pasos para una limpieza facial perfecta: método coreano

Beauty experts are shouting it from the rooftops: the Korean method of facial skin cleansing products one of the most important points to achieve your beauty.

And on this subject, the real experts are Koreans. For them, the European and American system of rinsing their faces with water is blasphemy. Not wearing make-up is no excuse for avoiding scrupulous facial cleansing twice a day.

Steps for a complete facial cleansing routine

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Let's go through the steps:

1. Remove eye makeup thoroughly

If you usually wear make-up, the first thing to do is to remove eye make-up. Use a specific eye makeup remover and place a small amount on two cotton pads. Let them act for about 20 seconds before cleansing your eyes. 

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2- Use the right facial cleansing product

Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a cleansing product in the format that suits you best. At Maystar we have products adapted to every need. You can read the properties in each product sheet or search from the top menu by skin type: dry, oily, combination...

These are the three cleanser formats recommended for your daily cleansing:

When finished, rinse (except if you use micellar water) always with lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold.

3- Perform a facial self-massage

Perform a facial self-massage of one or two minutes to promote blood circulation and make the skin look much more luminous.

4- Dry your facial skin

Dry your skin always with a clean towel and gently pat dry.

How does the cleaning of the Korean method continue?

Did you think you were done? Well, no... If we follow the Korean method, we must repeat the cleansing again, that is, we will reapply our cleanser and rinse again. If you have used micellar water, reapply it after the massage and you are sure that some dirt will still remain.

Apply the facial toner

Now now we have the skin ready to apply the facial toner, a very important step since it treats our pores, closing them and preparing them for the usual treatments.

After the facial cleansing, we apply moisturizing

Once we have correctly completed our facial cleansing routine, we will notice our skin is clean, pure and fresh, ready to apply moisturizing and care products such as:

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