10 tips for daily skin cleansing

10 consejos para la limpieza diaria de tu piel
Daily cleansing of the skin is essential for its well-being. It is therefore important to carefully choose the right products for your skin type and the skin problems you want to treat. Maystar offers you 10 suggestions for daily and gentle cleansing of your skin to keep it healthy and radiant.

Our decalogue to take care of your skin

1. Before starting to cleanse your face, wash your hands carefully with a specific soap. We want to emphasize that you should wash your hands several times a day, as you can't imagine how many bacteria and viruses they accumulate and how many times you bring them to your face. 2. Always remove your make-up before going to sleep, no matter how tired you are, every day that you don't do it is a severe punishment for your face. Use a gentle emulsion with a decongestive action like the one in our Sensitive line line and complete cleansing with the Anti-Aging Micellar Water Optimal Renewal Micellar Water. 3. If you like to remove makeup and cleanse your skin with a specific face soap or gel, remember to rinse it off with lukewarm or cool water. 4. Always tone your face after cleansing. 5. Use an exfoliating scrub once a week to get rid of dead skin cells that give your skin a sallow appearance. Highly recommended Anti-ageing Peeling Powder from Optimal Renewal is highly recommended. 6. Moisturize skin twice a day, in the morning with a more fluid cream and in the evening with a more nourishing and treatment cream so that your skin benefits throughout the night. We recommend during the day Sun Supreme Carewhich will also protect your skin from the sun and at night the Synergy Lift Excellence Cream or La Anti-Aging Cream Optimal Renewal. 7. Remember to always use a good serum to enhance the effects of your cream and look beautiful skin. During the day you can opt for one rich in Vitamin C to gain radiance, such as the Illuminating Serumr Cellular Expression Vitamin C Illuminating Serum. Optimal Renewal Anti-Aging Serum. 8. Don't forget a specific product for the delicate eye contour area. It is usually the most neglected but the most appreciated when it is well cared for. Our Supreme Texture Eye Contour Cream illuminates, hydrates and drains. 9. Protect yourself summer and winter from the sun with high protection. Sun Supreme Care offers you two excellent products, with or without color, the choice is yours. 10. All of these tips are applicable to the neck, so do not forget this area because its skin is almost as delicate as the eye contour and suffers the passage of time worse than other areas.