Types of Facial Massages and their Benefits

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Masaje facial

A massage is a way to manipulate both the deep and the superficial layers of body muscle and fulfils several functions, such as helping healing processes, somewhat reducing muscular activity, aiding relaxation and promoting general wellbeing.

The history of massage

The earliest reference to massage dates back to 2700 B.C. A book was written at that time about Chinese medicinal traditions, called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”, and it is still considered a fundamental book on massage.

cabin massage

Benefits of massage

Physiological: relieves tiredness associated with gentle exercise, thermal baths, etc.

Mechanical: the application of mechanical pressure has an effect on tissue.

Preventive: application to tight or injured areas before gentle exercise.

Therapeutic: this type of massage must only be performed by a trained professional in order to, for example, improve the circulatory system, recover mobility, alleviate pain, etc.

Aesthetic/hygienic: the function of this type of massage is to somehow improve the individual’s external appearance, whether by improving our figure, toning up muscles or relaxing us, which ultimately has a positive effect on how we look.

Sports massage: sportspeople receive these massages before, during and after training.

Psychological/mental/relaxation: manual contact with a professional provides a sense of confidence and comfort, alleviating psycho-physical tension.

Facial massage

Just as we do sport to tone our bodies, facial massages should be done in the same way as a sport, as they really help us maintain our facial structure. If we add facial exercises,  we will get much firmer cheeks and eyelids and our face will keep its shape as we age.  

All beauty treatments focussed on anti-ageing or deep skin stimulation should always include a facial massage.

Facial massages are usually accompanied by creams, concentrates and different types of cosmetic products.

5 Benefits of facial massage

Regardless of the fact that every massage type or technique has its own specific function, deep, gentle stroking of the face and neck is very positive in itself in several ways:

  • The stimulation of blood circulation favours production of fibres that support the skin, somewhat slowing down ageing, and it also refreshes the skin and is very good for keeping it healthy and working properly.
  • It lends elasticity.
  • It decreases facial tension.
  • It improves the appearance of bags under eyes.
  • It provides a major sensation of wellbeing that favours personal balance and health.

Facial massage techniques

There are several manual massage techniques for the facial area.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

Lymph is a liquid that is present within our body and originates in the blood. It is made up of water, salts and proteins and it circulates through the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and other waste.

However, several factors influence how this system works.

They may be internal or external:

  • Pregnancy, obesity, urinary system problems, hereditary causes.
  • Heat, humidity, eating excess salt, drinking alcohol, wearing tight clothing, medication, lack of physical exercise, etc.

The Vodder method has a scientific basis and is currently recognised and endorsed as safe by academics. The concept of drainage means liquid moving from one area where it has accumulated to another where it can drain out through a conduction system.

The physiotherapeutic or professional that uses this technique applies it very gently, almost as if it were a caress. It is very different to classic massage, especially due to the gentle manual pressure exerted. The massage goes from proximal to distal and always begins with emptying the chain ganglia.


  • This is a very good technique for healthy skin that you want to revitalise or keep healthy.
  • For revitalising, oxygenating and deep ‘cleansing’ tired skin.
  • For improving micro circulation and reducing inflammation in skins with couperose.

Essentially, it is a very healthy technique that is also frequently used by the medical profession when patients have post-operatory oedema. Special training is therefore required before performing it.

Shiatsu or Finger-pressure Therapy

This technique is Chinese in origin. It uses acupressure applied to certain points along energy channels, called meridians.

Practitioners of this technique use special devices, their fingers, palms of their hands, etc. Finger pressure applied to the face helps to correct wrinkles. This is because the technique increases circulation and therefore improves muscle tone and connective tissue, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Classic Facial Massage

This is the  most frequent type of massage and the one that is usually taught at beauty schools and academies, so it is the one used by most professionals. It includes movements such as gentle, deep stroking, tapping, pinching and kneading.

It is good for skins showing signs of ageing and photoageing. These types of skin require stimulation of the dermis to promote the creation of new collagen, which fulfils the important function of support.

In general, different active ingredients are used during this massage, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, DMAE, etc.

facial massage

Kobido Massage

Kobido Massage means ‘The Ancient Way of Beauty’ and is the oldest documented oriental facial massage. It is currently known as Japanese Lifting Facial.

This massage works on 16 superficial facial muscles using 47 different techniques. These techniques are applied to the face, neck and scalp and provide a deep relaxation and a relief of aches and pains. In addition, it provides a greater amount of oxygen to the skin.

It also stimulates the collagen in the skin, improving the tone and relaxation of the face, for a fresh and glowing look.

Our Advice

When you apply your moisturiser always do it with a gentle massage using gentle pinching and tapping motions. By doing so, it will help you maintain your natural skin support.

You can see it here with the application of the Sérum Synergy Lift

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