Cofre Synergy Lifting Ball at Home

The before and after lifting without aparatology.
In order to follow Facial training at home and complete the challenge 21 days, Maystar Skincare presents the Synergy Lifting Ball by Ara Rosón © AT Home that contains:

1. Biorelax Lifting Sérum. Sérum nutrient, repairman and inhibitor of wrinkles and expression lines. Powerful global lifting effect.

2. Two Synergy Balls.Of organic semi-rubber 5 cm in diameter.

3. Training tutorial.With the purchase of this pack it is included a QR code that allows the Access to the tutorial developed by ara rosón. In such videos, the daily routine and the different applications on the different areas of the face are taught, as well as automation techniques with your hands.

4- Membership to the Beauty Vital Club.Maystar Group has created the Vital Beauty philosophy whose motto is "Youth is ephemeral, beauty is eternal." This philosophy understands beauty as synonymous with health and well-being, such as wanting and taking care, not as slavery.

Format Dropper
Quantity 30 ml
Texture Microemulsion
Skin type Ripe skins

Natural Ingredients

Detoxify your skin

Paraben free

Free of toxic substances

Cruelty Free

Packaging 100% reciclable

Carrot oil, hyaluronic acid, alantoin, ultrahydrating sugars, bioslim, caffeine, chondrus crispus, tensor protein factor, hexapeptide, wheat protein hydrolyzate, HGRLEX HHG, Sunflower Oil Concentrate, Viper Tripeptide

"Brake and repairs the effects of age with an immediate and durable lifting effect."


El cofre contiene: 


1. BIORELAX LIFTING SÉRUM. Sérum nutriente, reparador e inhibidor de las arrugas y líneas de expresión. Potente efecto Lifting Global. 

2. DOS SYNERGY BALLS. De semi-caucho orgánico de 5 cm de diámetro. 

3. TUTORIAL DE FORMACIÓN. Código QR que permite el acceso al tutorial desarrollado por Ara Rosón. En dichos videos, se enseña la rutina diaria y las distintas aplicaciones sobre las distintas zonas del rostro. 


Nuestra colección más premiada con el Premio Manet al mejor concepto de cosmética profesional, y también en el PRIX D´EXCELLENCE DE LA BEAUTÉ 2022 de la Revista MARIE CLAIRE. Con dos patentes vigentes que abordan directamente los dos grandes problemas del envejecimiento. Synergy Lift es nuestra línea antiedad premium.


Feel the great power of the global lifting that regenerates the skin and protects from cellular aging. From the first application, and with long-term effects, the active ingredients of new generation alisan and reduce wrinkles and the lines of expression leaving the skin firmer, younger and more luminous.

  • Immediate lifting effect.
  • Moisturizes, tense and reaffirms the skin of the face
  • Reduce and smooth wrinkles
  • Decrease the lines of expression
  • Combat the aging of the dermis
  • Protects DNA from skin cells

Active ingredients


It is a natural healing and helps get rid of dead cells, accelerating healthy tissue growth. With a calming and moisturizing effect, thanks to the fact that the water content of the skin increases, it reduces irritations and redness.


Powerful reconstituent of fibers holding skin tissues. Thanks to its ability to retain water, at a percentage equivalent to a thousand times its molecular weight has an excellent moisturizing capacity.

Maystar Bioslim.

Synergy of last generation peptides that, together with other microdrenant assets, favors the elimination of accumulated liquids and fats. Bioactive patented technology that reduce double chin and redraw from the facial oval.

Tripeptide of viper

Synthetic tripeptide that imitates the effect of the Viper poison protein responsible for the neuromuscular blockade.
Its effect numbs wrinkles smoothing the surface
of the skin.

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