Advent calendar by Joaquín Verdú Version Deluxe

Maystar Group creates its first Advent calendar Deluxe version For collectors and lovers of fashion and glamor. 24 beauty windows full of glamor.
129,95€ 149,99€
Format Sachets and Minitallas.
Texture All textures
Skin type All skin types

Natural Ingredients

Detoxify your skin

Paraben free

Free of toxic substances

Cruelty Free

Packaging 100% reciclable

Impossible to summarize all its assets in this box;)

"The most important thing about an outfit is all. Beautiful hair and skin are 50% of the equation "- Joaquín Verdú

Valued at € 202 and now a price of € 149.99.

Maystar Group creates its first Advent Deluxe Version Calendar for collectors and fashion lovers and glamor. 24 beauty windows full of glamor. Illustrations of high seam designer in point: Joaquín Verdú. Designer born in Barcelona and known on all the catwalks of the world. 40 years of experience in fashion, like Maystar, 40 years of experience in beauty.


With a sequence designed by our Beauty Advisors and thanks to the collaboration of the Premium Maystar Skincare & Eva Professional Hair Care brands. All secrets for you to get perfect skin, and hair on day 24. A high limited edition to art category with illustrated bag in its Deluxe version.


- Glycosure Care Renewal Double-Peel: Facial Exfoliating Double Action 5ml - Capil Vitalikum Peeling # 22: Capillary Peeling Concentrated For Excess Fat 10ml - Capil Energikum Shampoo # 02: SHAMPOO Energizing Anti-Fall 10ml - Sensitive Hypoallergenic Cream: Cream Hypoallergenic Facial for Sensitive Skins 5ml - Hydrovect O2 Essential Oxygen Cream (Facial Cream Oxygenant Non-Fat Textured Texture) (Light, Non-Greasy Moisturizing Cream) 5ml - Capiloxygenum Peeling # 23: Oxygenant capillary peeling for dried dandruff and 10ml - Optimal Renewal Anti-Ageing Cream: Facial Cream with 5ml Epidermal Growth Factors - E-Line Color Shampoo: 10ml Color Protector - E-Line Repair @ 22: Conditioner without rinse 60ml - Caviar Therapy Firming & Revitalizing Cream: Refirming 5ml Revitalizing Facial Cream - OIL BALANCE CARE MATTIFYING DAY CREAM: FACIAL FACILIENT CREAM FOR GRASE SKIN 5ML - E-LINE REPAIR SHAMPOO: 10ml Repairman Shampoo - E-Line Repair Mask: 60ml Nourishing Capillary Fashion - Cellular Expression Vitamin C Lightning & Revitalizing Cream: Facial Cream Antioxidant 5ml - Synergy Lift Excellence Anti-Age Treatment Cream: Anti-Age 5ml Facial Cream - Caviar Therapy Eye Contour Cream: Eye Contour Cream Reaffirming 5ml - Optimal Renewal Anti-Ageing Serum: Facial Sérum Anti-Ageing Regenerator 2ml - Synergy Lift Biorelax Lifting Cream SPF 15: Facial Cream Lifting Effect with Sun Protection 5ml - Summum Beauty Oil # 73: Dry hair, body and rod oil50ml - Vitaminrecharge OH Là Là: Hair Gelatin Multi-action Restructuring 10ml - E-Line Control Shampoo: Shampoo Anti-Frizz 10ml - Organic Hair Perfume (Limited Edition) 50ml - Evajazz TechniLack "2": Strong fixing lacquer 75 ml - Synergy Lift Biorelax Lifting Serum: Anti-Age Facial Sérum Non-fat 2ML

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