Advent calendar by Joaquín Verdú

Maystar Group creates its first Advent calendar for collectors and fashion lovers and glamor. 24 beauty windows full of glamor.
99,95€ 129,99€
Format Sachets and Minitallas.
Texture All textures
Skin type All skin types

Natural Ingredients

Detoxify your skin

Paraben free

Free of toxic substances

Cruelty Free

Packaging 100% reciclable

Impossible to summarize all its assets in this box;)

"The most important thing about an outfit is all. Beautiful hair and skin are 50% of the equation "- Joaquín Verdú

Valued at € 161 and now a price of € 129.99.

Maystar Group creates its first Advent calendar for collectors and fashion lovers and glamor. 24 beauty windows full of glamor. Illustrations of high seam designer in point: Joaquín Verdú. Designer born in Barcelona and known on all the catwalks of the world. 40 years of experience in fashion, like Maystar, 40 years of experience in beauty.


With a sequence designed by our Beauty Advisors and thanks to the collaboration of the Premium Maystar Skincare & Eva Professional Hair Care brands. All secrets for you to get perfect skin, and hair on day 24.


- Glycosure Care Renewal Double-Peel: Facial Exfoliating Double Action 5ml - Capil Vitalikum Peeling # 22: Capillary Peeling Concentrated For Excess Fat 10ml - Capil Energikum Shampoo # 02: SHAMPOO Energizing Anti-Fall 10ml - Sensitive Hypoallergenic Cream: Cream Hypoallergenic Facial for Sensitive Skins 5ml - Hydrovect O2 Essential Oxygen Cream (Facial Cream Oxygenant Non-Fat Textured Texture) (Light, Non-Greasy Moisturizing Cream) 5ml - Capiloxygenum Peeling # 23: Oxygenant capillary peeling for dried dandruff and 10ml - Optimal Renewal Anti-Ageing Cream: Facial Cream with 5ml Epidermal Growth Factors - E-Line Color Shampoo: 10ml Color Protector - E-Line Repair @ 22: Conditioner without rinse 60ml - Caviar Therapy Firming & Revitalizing Cream: Refirming 5ml Revitalizing Facial Cream - OIL BALANCE CARE MATTIFYING DAY CREAM: FACIAL FACILIENT CREAM FOR GRASE SKIN 5ML - E-LINE REPAIR SHAMPOO: 10ml Repairman Shampoo - E-Line Repair Mask: 60ml Nourishing Capillary Fashion - Cellular Expression Vitamin C Lightning & Revitalizing Cream: Facial Cream Antioxidant 5ml - Synergy Lift Excellence Anti-Age Treatment Cream: Anti-Age 5ml Facial Cream - Caviar Therapy Eye Contour Cream: Eye Contour Cream Reaffirming 5ml - Optimal Renewal Anti-Ageing Serum: Facial Sérum Anti-Ageing Regenerator 2ml - Synergy Lift Biorelax Lifting Cream SPF 15: Facial Cream Lifting Effect with Sun Protection 5ml - Summum Beauty Oil # 73: Dry hair, body and rod oil50ml - Vitaminrecharge OH Là Là: Hair Gelatin Multi-action Restructuring 10ml - E-Line Control Shampoo: Shampoo Anti-Frizz 10ml - Organic Hair Perfume (Limited Edition) 50ml - Evajazz TechniLack "2": Strong fixing lacquer 75 ml - Synergy Lift Biorelax Lifting Serum: Anti-Age Facial Sérum Non-fat 2ML

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