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This section sets out the conditions under which MAYSTAR, S.L. collects, stores and manages the personal data of users who register on or subscribe to our website:

  • Users over the age of 18 are free to register on the MAYSTAR, S.L. website.
  • In the case of minors, parental or guardian consent is required for the processing of their personal data.
  • Users' personal data are protected and held confidential. As a user of this secure website, your rights are guaranteed, as
  1. We only request the personal information necessary to provide you with the services you require.
  2. We never share your personal information with anyone unless we have your express authorisation, or when required to do so by law.
  3. We never use your personal data for purposes other than those stated in this Privacy Policy.

It is important to bear in mind that the Privacy Policy could change in accordance with legislative or self-regulation requirements, so we recommend you consult it regularly.

The Privacy Policy will be applicable only when, as a user, you decide to fill in the contact or subscription forms through which your personal data are collected.

Section 1 of this document lists the Spanish and European legislation applicable to this Privacy Policy and states the identity of MAYSTAR, S.L., the owner of the website, blog and personal data file through which registered user data are saved to a database and processed for the sole purpose of responding to users' purchasing and information needs.


Personal data record

 Data are stored in the following files:

– Blog: Contains data on all users who register to receive our newsletter.

– Clientes_web_Maystar: Contains data on all users who register to purchase products from our website.

You are required to provide us with your personal data in order to purchase from us, contact us or subscribe to our newsletter; therefore, if you do not accept our Privacy Policy or do not fill in the contact form, we cannot maintain a commercial relationship with you or provide you with information.

The personal information you provide us with is processed according to the principles below, in line with the new data protection regulation:

  • Principle of lawfulness, fairness and transparency: Your consent is always required in order for your personal data to be processed for one or more specific purposes that MAYSTAR, S.L. will always inform you of in a transparent manner.
  • Principle of data minimisation: We will only collect data that are strictly necessary to maintain the commercial relationship or provide you with the information requested.
  • Principle of storage limitation: Data will be kept for the time necessary for commercial or informative purposes. This time will be deemed perpetual unless you expressly request removal from our database or we eliminate your data after a long period of inactivity.
  • Principle of integrity and confidentiality: The data you provide us with will be processed in a manner that ensures confidentiality and appropriate security of your personal data, for which MAYSTAR, S.L. takes all necessary precautions.


When do we request your data?

  • When you sign up for our newsletter.
  • When you sign up for our commercial communications.
  • When you purchase our products, although in this case, we have no access to any of your payment data, since this procedure is carried out by linking directly to your bank's payment platform or to PayPal.


For what purpose do we use your data?

When you subscribe to our newsletter, make a purchase or comment on a post, you are providing us with personal information such as your IP address, name, physical address, e-mail address, etc.

As a user disclosing these data, you give your consent for them to be collected, managed, stored and used by MAYSTAR, S.L. as described in the Legal Notice of this Privacy Policy.

We also obtain additional non-identifying data through certain cookies that are downloaded to your computer when you browse this website. This information is further detailed in our Cookie Policy.

As regards social media, the data of users who follow the official social media accounts of MAYSTAR, S.L. and its brands are governed by this Privacy Policy and by the relevant social network's terms of use, privacy policies and rules of access that have been previously accepted by MAYSTAR, S.L. users. We will process your data for the purpose of managing our brands' presence on the applicable social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) to provide information on activities, products and/or services and for any other purpose permitted by the rules of those social media. Under no circumstances will we use the profiles of social media followers to send advertising material individually.

MAYSTAR, S.L. will never share your personal information with third parties. We only use the MailChimp platform to carry out e-mail marketing, and Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to adapt the information you receive to your preferences.

Subscribers will always have the option to unsubscribe automatically in the various communications they receive and can also do so by sending an e-mail to info@maystar.com.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency if you believe the processing of the data infringes the regulation.

As a user, you are solely liable for the veracity of the information you provide us with. MAYSTAR, S.L. reserves the right to exclude any user who provides false data, notwithstanding any other actions that may be applicable by law.

After providing us with your data, you have the right to:

  • Request access to your personal data.
  • Request the rectification or erasure of your personal data.
  • Request the restriction of processing of your personal data.
  • Object to the processing of your personal data.
  • Cookie Policy
  • Exercise your right to data portability.


Legitimate purpose for processing your data: acceptance and consent

Your consent is required in order for you to contact us, subscribe to our newsletter or purchase products from us.


Subscribers will always have the option to unsubscribe automatically in the various communications they receive and can also do so by sending an e-mail to info@maystar.com. 

With whom are your data shared?

Only with third parties that are necessary for the correct operation of this website:

- Google Analytics (web analytics service offered by Google).

- ADW Europe SL (web hosting provider).

- Sendinblue (e-mail marketing platform).

- Google AdWords (Google-developed paid advertising service).

- Facebook (social media network).

Changes to our Privacy Policy

MAYSTAR, S.L. reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy to adapt it to new legal and legislative provisions and to industry practices; in these cases, we will always announce such changes via the website well before making them.

Commercial mailings

In accordance with the LSSI-CE, MAYSTAR, S.L. does not engage in spamming and, therefore, does not send commercial e-mails unless first requested or authorised by the user.